Disgusted Move


The National Robotics Competition for Sarawak is over.  I feel relieved, and not mentioning so darn free.  Now, I could catch up on all my outstanding work, and work towards a better working environment.  The only thing that bothers me is that the pain I mention the other day is still around.  It was suppose to heal, but it hasn’t… hence, making me impatient.

Went to talk to the boss on the leak at my house.  She said.. yada..yada..yada..yada.. but the main point is.. “We might have no money to repair that leak“…. ArrGGhhhhhh!!!  She even suggested I move to another unit!!  Another move??? So tired of moving my stuff around… and the only unit I know is located on the top floor, so bite me if I feel really reluctant to do so.

To be frank, I hate moving.  I hate carrying stuff here and there.  Part of me want to just buy a house, and stay put in it.  I guess, if that happened, I’d be more than willing to buy all those neat gadgets applicable for a house, ensuring my house would look something like those 5 star hotel rooms!

But, that would take time. With what I earn annually, it would take forever to materialize, and I know I have to make-do with what I have.  I don’t think I need to say more on the rising fuel price, and how it effects my life directly.  Its just a whole fucked up situation.  I am after all still trying to decrease my spending.

And if I were to accept my boss’s offer to move to the new unit… I’d have to call up a few students to help me carry my stuff, and help me clean up a new apartment again.  Cleaning?? Arrgghhhh… another thing I hate doing!!  On top of that, I still wonder how good is the new unit?? Is it the same as my unit? Plagued with problems??  And of course.. having me to reinstall power, water, phone lines… its troublesome!!

I did think of moving out of my area, into a private rented home, where everything is already ready.. but that would mean extra monthly cost, and no more walking to my work place.  The only bonus is that I do get more privacy, and I could get away from my current nosy neighbors which seem to whisper to others whatever I do.

In fact, I don’t know what’s so interesting about my life… I’m human.  I eat rice.. I work for a living.. I have friends.. what’s so interesting about me that there is so much to tell??  Honestly, I do feel I am a boring guy.. but it seems, they do not feel the same way.

Now, I remain undecided.. but if I can’t get the repairs done, I’d have to move.  Whom in their right mind wants to live in a leaking apartment??

Owh… and my car is still in a workshop.. being ‘reshaped’ and fitted with a new bumper.  Thanks to my accident the other day…


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