Doing what I can


Gawai is just around the corner, and I’m lacking in my updates yet again. As usual, work has been taking a toll on my blog, but apart from that, I’ve been a little bit busier with personal stuff and family.

Last weekend, I helped mom do some repairs at home, and while we are not celebrating Gawai at home this year, Gawai as mom put it, is one of the few best times to actually touch up the house.

Therefore, I did some piping and electrical works at home, and so on. Upon knowing I was doing that, a friend asked “So what can you do?”, and so I replied “I can do anything, as long as I try… but if I failed, there’s always those whom can, and I’ll learn from them.”

Btw, pardon the photo cause mom actually had to figure out how to operate my Samsung S2, but not bad for a first timer, kan?

With that said, here’s a special photo I took during the recently concluded World Harvest Festival, and yes, it’s specially edited to wish you a all a Happy Gawai Dayak!


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