Don’t Renew Your Road Tax With MyEG


Are you from the Borneo side of Malaysia? Do you want to renew your road tax online and save money and time?  If you are, continue reading… If not, you can leave.

Before I start, let me clarify that I am lazy to go to town lurking around for a parking spot for my car.  Let me also clarify that I feel that waiting for turns is a waste of time, especially when you have better options like doing the same business online.  And please don’t be retarded by saying I am one of those jerks which like to cut queue, because I don’t.  If I’m waiting in line, I’ll be patient enough to do my time, but it does piss the hell out of me if someone did cut the queue, and hence why I don’t practice queue cutting myself.

So, when the Malaysian government decided they should go e-Government. I was one of the few whom was very receptive. I actually embraced the whole idea, by doing most of my transactions online.  I can say that I hardly ever step foot in the bank or any government office nowadays.  All I do is dial them up on the phone, or send them an email, and their response so far has been fantastic.  Last year, when I did my tax return and I miss-spelled something, an email from me in the middle of the night was replied within hours, and I managed to join the thousands of Malaysians to do their tax return online.  I guess, from that point onwards, I trusted e-Government services.

Today, I decided to skip the part where I needed to scout for parking, the part where  I needed to fork out a few ringgit for parking, and also skip the part where I am required to wait patiently for my number to be called out because I decided that I want to try out JPJ’s MyEG online road tax renewal service.  I’ve read that Headsteadi was reasonably satisfied with their services, and well, that was good enough for me.

So, I followed the instructions on the MyEG website to renew my road tax which would expire in a month.  I selected Sarawak/Sabah in the column for state, and keyed in my IC number, as well as my address and vehicle number.  I scanned the sum I needed to pay, and it was RM80.75.  I didn’t bother about it, until…

I have already selected the “SUBMIT PAYMENT” button, and realized that I am charged RM70 for my road tax!  That’s the Peninsular Malaysia road tax rate!  Sarawak vehicles only pay RM56, and I am paying RM70!!  I thought it was a mistake and that something could be done to recover my lost RM14, and so… without further of due, I called the MyEG hotline and requested for an explanation, and probably a refund. (click the photo below for a larger view)

The explanation I got disappointed me.  It appears that regardless of where you use the car, or where the car is registered to, you need to pay RM70.  It wasn’t a mistake, and the officer in-charge said that a local JPJ office will send out my road tax sticker so that I’d get the local edition.

I think, my jaw dropped when I received the answer, and I had a huge sense of discrimination.  How can I pay more when I am suppose to pay less?  Come on, roads in the peninsular are HIGHWAYS… ours in Sarawak are NO-WAY.  We deserve cheaper rates!  But yeah, I didn’t vent my anger towards the officer for the mistake, but I repeatedly asked him to clarify the matter with me, until I was sure it wasn’t a mistake.  After all, he is just doing his job, and it would be pointless to blame him anyway. Anyway, miraculously, the MyEG road tax renewal website wasn’t accessible after my call.

So guys, if you want to renew your road tax, and you are using your car in Sabah and Sarawak… you might as well take time to go to the JPJ office or your ‘runner’ from your preferred bank because an extra RM14 is way to high to pay, especially when you are already charged RM10 for courier and also RM2.75 for service charge. I think that sums up the whole title which should be “Don’t renew your road tax with MyEG if you are from Sabah and Sarawak”.


  1. Oh no! I’m sorry that you were overcharged. Maybe they can credit the extra charge to your next road tax payment? Hope you can get this sorted out.

    Just noticed the disclaimer. Seems I’m not going to get a refund =(

  2. The shy part, I meant for them in the most sarcastic way, just in case you get the wrong picture. I was trying to say “They not shy ah?”. 🙂

    I know what you mean bro…hehehehehe… Your sarcasm is one of the best available.

  3. What the %7%*&*&%&*%*&%^%$$#$@…

    Sabar bro. LEn kali kita sikboh pakai MyEg. Thanks for sharing.

    No prob bro. Glad to share =) But think of the time that can be saved? hehehe.. can consider also if desperate.

  4. I guess i’ll still be going to post office to renew my road tax and insurance instead of doing it online with “extra” charges -_-”

    I dont know la.. I don’t like queuing up and waiting.

  5. LOL! Did you read the disclaimer on the top page?


    Assume the RM14 is Convenience Fee for you. I’ve been using myEG for a couple of years now. On all occasions I was satisfied with their service. The recent one last year, they delivered the road-tax to me on the same day after I emailed and informed them that my road-tax were going to expire the next day which happened to be a public holiday.

    Good service I’ve experienced so far.

    Pay more = convenient
    Pay less = waste time and energy

    You decide!

    Holy Shit! I didn’t…Thanks for pointing out the Disclaimer. Next year, see lah…maybe I’d still use MyEG =P

  6. lol.. I haven’t use any of the gov sites as I don’t trust thos sites =x

    If you are lazy like I am to go line up in counters, you’d eventually give it a try =P

  7. @Headsteadi: it shud b d other way round. Im here in KK & i paid my Citibank CC thru Alliance Online; they charged RM1 for each transaction whereby if i go 2d counter they wil charge me RM2 – the extra RM1 perhaps for the counter “tips” or something. IF the Gov is serious promoting MyEG, they shud lesser or omit the “Convenience fee” … Cyril this is just silly, poor you. Luckily i got my bro who happened to know some runner friend to help renew our road taxes 🙂 …

    I know. Charging RM14 is exorbit. But I have a feeling that I’ll not be renewing my road tax online next year. The worst part is, the road tax sticker is the Semenanjung version.

  8. too late.. 🙁 Already renew my road tax with them and is different RM96.00. Feeling like to die here, cause sure my gf will kill me… They said 1 Malaysia!! I think at least 2 Malaysia here…Please remind us at your TV advertisement also that is PENINSULAR M’SIA RATES APPLY!!

    Yes. They actually should highlight that fact of the rates. =( and we are living in one country, with two systems

  9. MyEG is lousy…charge RM8.75 for delivery and service charge then got problem of payment also. Customer service is crap, wait for long long time and dont have enough details. What a waste of time…just go to post office lah…better.

  10. Yes…I am also been charged by myeg over RM40+ including service & delivery charge. My car roadtax only cost RM380 but myeg charged RM418. hmmm… ridiculous…already charge s&d but yet still have hidden charges…wonder why…

    • I don’t recall learning about road tax different prices in history during school as well as why does myEG still charge us semenanjung rates when we are buying a road tax for sabah and sarawak.

      Care to enlighten me?

  11. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you have use myeg to renew driving license before? I tried renew mine just now, but after I clicked “pay” (by credit card) the following page said:

    Payment – Bayaran

    Status Code/Kod Status: B
    Status Message/Mesej Status: Unable to be determined


    I wonder if the process was successful and the payment get through? I tried emailing them but email delivery failed. So, I wonder if the driving license renewal on myeg is working properly?

  12. I paid mine with MYEG as well…. Only after paid I realised that last year I only paid RM56… Over charge by the RM14 and oso delivery charge…. Heart-aching.. Some more my road tax show “Semenanjung” instead of Sarawak… Shit….

  13. Just wanna share. I’m in Sabah.
    Road tax renewal via Post Office RM275.00(inclusive RM2.00 commission).
    Road tax renewal via MYEG RM391.75(renewal fee RM379, delivery charge RM10, e-services charge RM2.75).
    Extra RM118.25 for so called “convenience”.
    I opted renewal via Post Office.

    • that’s the thing. MyEG is more expensive than doing it yourself. If they just asked us to pay RM275 plus RM10 for convenience, that would be very good already, but they are charging so much extra, plus the additional RM10 some more.


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