Doomsday is over!

I’m quite sure the Mayans are now re-evaluating their so called ‘doomsday’ after 21 December 2012 left with nothing much to shout about.  I have heard numerous stories about 21.12.2012, but nothing beats the two biggest which was related to the world ending, and some other Satanic events.

On Twitter, sarcasm was indeed high with many trolling the Mayan people.  I was honestly a little bit disappointed because I was actually waiting for something ‘different’ to happen.  Not that I wanted the world to end, but a slight indication that there is truth that the Mayan’s were right would be cool, or rather a good eye opener to many that we should be thankful of being alive.

Anyway, with ‘Doomsday’ leaving us with nothing memorable, Christmas comes, and plans for the new year come to mind.  To be honest, nothing shouts for a better celebration that the birth of the Saviour after a so called ‘doomsday’ failing.

I’d like to talk more, but I think I’ll keep this post short since I just arrived from an amazing trip in KL.

Merry Christmas

With that said, I’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and for all December babies, Happy Birthday!

This Christmas, lets appreciate the fact that we are able to wake up everyday, with our love ones close to our heart.

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