Driven: The Nissan Serena review (Malaysia)

Last week, I had the opportunity to use the Nissan Serena for a couple of days, while waiting for something new. To be honest, the car or should I say MPV, doesn’t look so massive from the outside, but the inside tells me a different story.

The inside was surprisingly spacious, and was way bigger than any other car I had been in. Granted, I’ve not been in many cars, so I was really impressed.  I know many don’t like reading lengthy reviews, so I’ll keep it short here.




Many have commended how it looks from the outside, but I am honestly not a fan of a van looking vehicle, so I can’t say I am impressed with how the Serena looks like. However, the finishing of the Nissan Serena is good, with gaps and angles well covered.

The front of the car looks good to me, thought the back will reveal the fact that it is a ‘van’.



As I said above, it’s really spacious, and those sitting inside would no doubt feel comfortable. Seats feel awesome, and everything does look good. The dashboard has a few smart located compartments which I love, although I have reservations when it comes to the dashboard display, as it looked so far away from sight.

Aside from that, I also didn’t favour the hand rest for the driver, which, despite making the drive more comfortable, made it difficult to buckle up.



The Serena I drove was fitted with a basic multimedia system, and there was no steering wheel control for this particular version.

Knowing that the Serena does go for a hefty price, I’d assume that it has become a standard thing in the newer versions.

Sound was good, and navigation on the 7-inch LCD screen was great.



Noise isolation for the Serena is close to perfect. You can hardly hear the engine, and driving the car around town is smooth.

Since the Serena is an eco-friendly car, the engine of the car stops when you are idle for quite sometime, and kicks back on without much hassle when you need it to.

Despite these shifts going on behind the scenes, you will notice these shifts, which needs you to be accustomed to.

Other than that, driving the Serena feels very comfortable and enjoyable.



If you are looking for a family car, this is it. It’s really spacious, comfortable and the drive is impressive. The fact it is eco-friendly only makes it more appealing. I’ve nothing bad to say about the MPV so far, except for it’s high price which comes at RM132K.

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