I’ve been typing on this ‘post box’ for at least 10 times, all to see what I type being highlighted, and then deleted. Nothing interesting comes to mind, and nothing great seems to be happening.

I think I’m having what writers call as a ‘writers block’, but then I’m no writer, and so I doubt it, really.

There’s plenty going in my life, but then some I’d rather not reveal, while some are just too bizarre I’d prefer not to mention it in my blog, maybe just not yet.

Maybe I’m just too tired to say anything for now, or maybe I’m just too occupied that I can’t put myself to even say anything yet.

Anyway, I’m dry on ideas, so this is that post you may have just been waiting for.


  1. Happens to the best of us. 🙂 u wont believe how many drafts i have i have in my edit-posts storage. Hang on in there, it will come when u least expect it. Dont push urself too hard, just let it come naturally. 🙂


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