DSLR an Advantage?


At the moment,  so much is going on…  been moving up and down town like crazy, spending money I don’t really have to spend… but I guess, that’s the effect of holidays.  You spend.. spend.. and spend.. plus, it’s almost Christmas, and so you have sales here and there, and also lots and lots of new movies.  Ahh… the temptation is there.

Urgh.. well, let me get to the real reason of this post.

If you have been following me on my Facebook and my Twitter.. you’d know by now that I am seriously eyeing a DSLR.  Nahhh.. don’t be quick to say that I am an expert in photography as the reason I intend to get one, because the fact is I know little about photography.  I point, adjust and shoot.  Simple as that!  If there’s a setting for a certain scenery, I’d use it.  Thank You Canon!

The reason behind the idea of getting a DSLR is simply business, and yes… interest of course.  Because, everytime I look at photographs produced by Willie, Fahriee (Dude.. you gotta get a new blog), SethNorman, and Carol… I have ‘this feeling’ that I should have one.  Maybe it’s peer pressure, but knowing that they actually earn some extra money through a simple click of a button does sound really nice.  The way I see it, earning something from interest is really worth every penny.

The thing is, I am wondering whether it is really worth it?  I’ve been jumbling this question over and over again in my head ’till I myself can claim insane over asking the same question.  I mean, if I am getting a DSLR, can I actually get back the money spent on buying the DSLR?  In addition to that, would my shots really become much-much more extra-ordinary once I do use a DSLR? Because some people do produce ‘ordinary’ shots despite using a DSLR camera, and I think many will agree on this.

Well, the truth is, I know little about actually improving a photo, as I rely solely on the camera settings and also my shooting angle.  I do not add any other ‘special effects’ except my watermark.  You can see my collection of photographs on my Flickr Photostream, and if you have a Facebook account, it is in my Digital Capture Album.  Nonetheless, I have almost no photos of moving objects because that is the limitation my current digital camera has.  In addition to that, I can’t take ‘candid’ shots because my Canon IXY 25IS zoom/lenses can’t reach ‘that far’, hence making those I want to ‘candid’ realize I am taking their photos.  These two missing features are one of the two reasons why I feel I need a DSLR.

I know there are so many talented people having a DSLR out there that I do have a feeling that the ‘market’ is kind of saturated for me to do business, but well… that’s why I’m asking you guys the same question “Is it worth it for me to get a DSLR?

Please be honest… and truthful, because the way I see it, if you do think my shots are crap and ordinary, and that I do not have the talent… then let me know, so that I’d back down on getting an expensive DSLR.. and that will save me thousands of ringgit.  I don’t mind if you’d be cruel and all, by saying my shot’s are just bullshit and so ordinary, that I should consider stopping my photography works… but like everything i one can say and do.. don’t push it =) Try to be a little nice, okay?

But if you think I can expand my skills, and I have a talent in capturing images/photos, and probably be able to squeeze some money out of the whole photography thing, then why not give me some words of encouragement for me to get a DSLR.  And if you are an expert in photography, give me some points and also a camera I should get, plus maybe a good place in Kuching for me to get the DSLR.

So, what do you guys have to say?  I’m looking forward to your opinions, especially from the pro photographers. And by the way, photo’s in this post, are examples of my shots.  If you are lazy to visit my Digital-Capture album, and my Flickr Photostream, then I guess you could judge my talent in photography by just looking at these few photos I have placed in this post.  If you are hardworking enough, you could go on an judge my shots at the accounts I have mentioned above.

p/s: If you are wondering why Amiey is also writing something similar. Well, it’s just the current hot topic among us both =)


  1. first thing first, ask yourself if you take picture with a “picture” in your mind, or just take picture?

    Turn that rule out, there is no difference between pic taken with P&S, or DSLR, either with soul, or just a plain photo.

    the convenience of using DSLR is the manual control and settings that you can reach, and fast, compared to P&S.

    In the end, what destine if a photo is a good photo, is not it was shot with a Canon Ixus, or a Nikon D700, it is if there is a story from the picture can be tell by the photographer. And that photo, u can take with P&S, or SLR too.
    of cource DSLR give you certain advantage on that. So, if you want, and wish to try out, I would suggest to get a used entry level DSLR like Nikon D60, Sony @300, or Canon 1000D/450D etc

    Thank You for your insight Wilfred. I agree with you, and I have been trying to capture those photo’s which would tell a story. At the moment, I don’t think I can reach that stage yet. I do feel a P&S camera is limiting my ability.

  2. Hi there – I’ve been dwelling on the same dilemma for months, and have finally decided that it’s not the right time for me to get one. I asked myself : is this high on my priority list? Will my life / pictures improve with a DSLR? And most importantly : do I want to add on my to my debts? That basically solved it for me. At least for now 🙂 Good luck !

    Thanks for wishing me luck. Yeah, I am thinking about the same things you mentioned above. After thinking hard, i realized it’s not a priority…

  3. i gotta agree with willie!
    when i first bought my dslr, i know nuts about it, let alone to know what aperture, speed, etc are about..except that i love taking pictures.
    so yeah, to some it might give the extra income but for person like me, i just need it to satisfy my crave for good quality pictures. well of course, in the long run it might evolve into something else but i will talk about that when i cross the brige 🙂

    so ya, go for it!

    Thanks for the information. I’m taking all your advice into consideration =)

  4. Creativity can be made out of a 2MP Nokia camera phone. But to expend your creativity, you may need a decent camera.

    If money that matter, you probably should attend photography workshop in order to get you in shape. But if you’re a photography lover, you wont bother bout that coz you can learn it from your friends, internet and experiences.

    So get one, read the manual, experience, ask fellow friends.

    And then you’ll keep spending money! Hehe.. No lah. A decent camera is enough. Some professional photographer making a lot of money from a normal slr with single kit lens. So it depends on your creativity.

    Wahh.. That’s something I rarely hear and is a very good insight. Thanks bro!

  5. Hey Cyril,
    I have sent you an email regarding this DSLR matter !! Hope you find some useful information there. Cheers dude.

    Huge thanks to you bro. Appreciate your detailed explanation in the email. Than you!

  6. Wey Dude!

    Such a common dilemma for those who are planning to buy a DSLR. Don’t waste time worrying about finding the excuse not buying a DSLR. You’ll get nuts. I know deep inside your heart you want it, you couldn’t sleep thinking about it, and from time to time, you talked about it with Amiey, and from time to time, you drop by Copal shop to have a look at it and look? now you blog about it?. That’s shows how much you want it dude! Just buy it!

    Forget about the reason for buying it. Forget about making business, forget about whether you will get beck your money. We do not earn much through taking photos dude! it is just a hobby and side income which comes maybe two or three times a year. If you want to earn a living from photography and earn money every month, then open up a studio lah! Quit your job. Hahaha… (Did i sound harsh? actually just to knock your head out…hahaha)

    Having a DSLR will guarantee you a photography satisfaction. That’s the most important thing dude!

    Buy now!


    A photography blog.

    Yessss… I want it badly… I know!! But seriously, it would be nice to get back some money spent on the DSLR, right? Well… I’m taking what you say into consideration. Plus, some people say that a DSLR is an investment.. (people in Copal).. So, where did you get ur DSLR bro?

  7. Hi, dropping by from PPS.
    I’m a casual shooter with a P&S as well.
    Thinking of moving up to DSLR, yet wonders will I be engaged enough to discover every function, and sacrifice precious space in travelling bags when travelling overseas for the body, lens, flash unit etc.

    Yes J2Kfm.. That’s just it.. That’s all the cons.. but if I’m really talented.. it would be worth it, right?

  8. I guess better photos dont mean better camera, sucks to say but I am not producing ‘better photos’ with a dslr pun after 1 year +…hahah

    So, does this means you think I shouldn’t get a DSLR?

  9. Hmmm…tough question =_=” from the point of view of a “super ultra mega NOOB in photography” (me -_-“) your pictures taken are really good and I thought you’ve already owned a DSLR!! Money wise, you can always earn back since you are not committed in many things (housing loans, credit card loans, personal loans, insurances ..etc)Unless you have a very tight budget (like me -_-“) then put the idea back into your shelf for the time being.

    yolk >_<

    I will only get the DSLR if I can afford one.. and I am looking at one of those 0 interest plans. I know its a bit pricey, but its benificial in a long run… Housing Loan will only become a reality end of next year I hope =P

  10. Teacher receive payment also during the holiday right ? So what are u waiting for ? hahaha ~

    Yes, but even so, must plan.. if i buy everything I want when I want it.. I’ll be broke dead. Money must be spent wisely, and the thing bought must be used to the fullest, and not end up being a display object.

  11. You need a DSLR to ease your temptations and unleash your full photography talent. I have no doubt that you’ll start digging up photography books, surfing related web pages, learning from the experts ONCE you have your DSLR camera.


    So, u say I should get one? =)

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