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E-Mart entrance

Before I start, Happy Mother’s day to all mum’s out there.  Mom’s are the most important in one’s life, and I love my mummy!!

It seems that Kuching is just blooming with new shopping establishments these few years. First, we had Boulevard Shopping Mall, and then, came theSpring, then Green Heights Mall and now e-mart Lee Ling or actually better known as e-mart Matang Jaya.. I have heard there will be more coming soon.

The slow crawl to e-mart

E-mart Matang Jaya actually announced their opening with a huge sale. It is a trend nowadays, and e-mart did it well. They turned the roads leading to Matang Jaya packed that there was a very bad crawl of vehicles right when you turned into the Matang Jaya roundabout. Plenty of drivers became creative, but I didn’t see any police around. All this is typical of a Kuchinginite. Rush to something new.

Chicken available at the wet market @e-mart

So what’s in e-mart? Well, If you have been to Jusco or Giant in the peninsular of Malaysia, it’s exactly the same. Don’t bother comparing e-mart with Kuching’s small puny Giant because it is so much bigger. In fact, even Everise and Choice Super Mall looks small because of e-mart. It is so big, that I started to think that e-mart would kill off all the smaller businesses around it.

A huge selection of files at their stationary section @e-mart Lee Ling

You can find practically anything in e-mart, with so many variations of it.   You can also get a mountain bike if you want.  Are the things cheaper? I can’t say really, because I only compared the price of the washing machine, and it was kind of expensive. Other stuff?? I don’t know.

Fan power at e-mart

The sad thing is that e-mart does not organize the mall well. I can see a few of the kiosk and shops around selling similar stuff. Take example waffles, there was at least 3 establishments selling business!! Another thing to note is the fact that e-mart only provides fan a.k.a kipas for the establishments outside their supermarket, so imagine the heat on a humid day??

And I don’t know whether it’s a trend by Miri retailers, but e-mart wasn’t ready for this opening. Maybe their very own supermarket was ready, but many of the retailers under their roof weren’t. There was painting and drilling still going on somewhere in the building, and it reminded me of Boulevard Shopping Mall when they first opened.

Packed!! @e-mart Lee Ling

Anyway, e-mart is new, and if I were you, I’d wait for a couple of days before really going into it. I went for the sake of blogging about it. Spent less than 30 minutes checking everything out and bought nothing. Maybe when it is less packed, I’ll buy something… but I’m happy to see Magic Bite making its way(finally) to Matang Jaya. And, no, I didn’t get my wish to see Pizza Hut open a branch here.


  1. Happy mothers’ day….

    Opening of E-mart cause trouble to us… Traffic congestion some more… I hate it… But it’s worth having such a “mall” here… dekat…. tak perlu go far to buy things… but poor to the nearest shops, will for sure bankrupt later if they don’t do anything to save their income…

    E-mart can be categorized as mall having all of things… all things can be get there…. 😀


    Happy E-mart day

    Happy Mother’s day…. 😀

    Ahahha.. you gout that right..

  2. Cyril the supermarket looks like a very KL styled place. LOL wouldn’t go all the way to Matang to see it though =p

    Yes, indeed you are right. I think, we have great supermarkets around Kuching. No need to travel all the way.

  3. I wouldn’t go till there also ;p Too far for me hahaha… I don’t think I will even have the chance or mood to step there at all.

    I know what you mean. ANyway, I actually wasn’t that thrilled over the place, but well.. since other bloggers won’t cover it.. I took the chance..hehehe.. and that’s how I ended in e-mart

  4. I live a stone throw away but also waiting a few more weeks for the hype to die down. hehe. but i hate it when people just jammed the roundabout and the yellowlines and the dividers even, just to park and caused inconvenient massive traffic jams. macam sakai jak.

    Nang sakai pun… I also don’t like those inconsiderate drivers whom just park anyway.

  5. cheapskate? nope i call that smart. based on the pictures taken, it has the same concept as miri emart. at miri emart, it has a giant fan. ;p

    i heard that the person behind emart is actually adopting the supermarket concept from australia with local twist to it. i can forsee it will grow and expand as the stuffs are reasonable price that targetted low & medium income customer. 🙂

    Well, everyone has their own opinion. I’d prefer aircond though…. its really hot nowadays

  6. Hello cyril dason… i think i know you can you tell me which school are you going before….??? Just interested to know if you are one of my classmate before…

    I remember you.. You are my classmate. You were in SRB St Joh Taee for 6 years, kan?? =D

  7. i hope they will be sell a cheep easy riders accessories…

    like tootle… side mirror… or anything just like at ‘one stop’..

    I don’t think they sell such stuff bro. They are too small. Maybe in the future?

  8. if we ever meet again at E_mart Matang….i blurry with my eyes…some more….never be the same…get you get it away….

  9. hello there..i want to ask, i want to rent shop in emart mkuching.. still available shop for me to rent??the average price??tq..


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