E-Mart Lee Ling’s Roof Detached


Got the news on this from a Mahfuz.  Was kind of shocked since E-Mart Lee Ling only opened less than 5 months, and now this happened.  The roof some how got itself detached from the main building.

The whole incident actually makes me wonder on how safe is the structure of the building.  Yes, there was strong rain and wind this evening, but it’s no excuse for such an incident.

Either, the architect which built the building failed structure in university, or too much ‘kantau’ is gave out to those whom approved the building.  When I arrived at the scene, workers were busy making repairs and welding up the whole thing, but operations within E-mart seems undisturbed.

Either way, I am concern about the safety of the whole building after this incident.  It just shouldn’t happen.


  1. Wahh.. if that time, I stood under the roof while waiting for the rain to stop… I wonder where would I be after this incident @.@

    If you were under the roof.. Surely land in some bed la.. but dn’t know which bed.. Hospital bed, or grave bed… hehehhe… *touh wood*

  2. Hmmm, this is interesting. There could be many causes that may affect the detachment of the roof, but only a detailed investigation can pin point the exact causes. It could have been the design inadequacy, or poor workmanship by the contractor. Though we are all well aware of the fact that the “kantau”s do happen, but being an engineer myself I am rather curious of the actual causes.

    Same here Robin.. I’ve learned structure before, and as I was taught, things like this (structural stuff like beams etc) are calculated using computer programs nowadays, complete with a simulated result for possible dangers. I strongly believe there is something fishy going on la…

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