Elevate Kuching: Party with DJ Juicy M and Elecoldxhot


It’s not often that we have international acts down here in Kuching, but it seems the flood gates have now open and we are seeing quite a few international performers making a beeline to the city I’d described as the ‘most awesome city in the world’ (In whole bias-ness).

Last Saturday, a Ukrainian deejay (so I was to understand) called DJ Juicy M made her way to Terminal 1 Lounge to spin at an event called ‘ELEVATE’, and your truly was there to hear the good music!

A couple of us bloggers was offered some amazing VIP passes by the organizers, which gave me access to the VIP lounge, and a free flow of beer.

To top that up, we could invite up to 4 friends to join us, and they could invite another 8 of their friends in to party with us. The organizers were pretty darn cool, and treated us like VIPS the whole night. Uhhh.. we also had our very own ‘bouncer’ at the VIP lounge.

Well, the party did start a little later than expected, but the house DJ did an amazing job keeping the crowd on their toes with his selection of music.

While waiting for the main event to start, we occupied ourselves with a pledge to do a ‘phone stack’.   Just so you know, a phone stack is when we all stack up our phone and who touches it will be punished in some ways.

The whole idea to do a ‘phone stack’ is to encourage people to socialize, and not do so using their phones.  Yep, we are that ‘extreme’ when it comes to socializing on the phone that we have to come up with something like this just to ensure everyone doesn’t just spend time on their phones.

Well, so much for ‘phone-stacking’, because soon after a few minutes, this was us:

At 10:30pm, the amazing B-boy dancers from Elecoldxhot literally stole the light when the whole club went dark, and they emerged in LED cloths while doing some fantastic moves!

These guys I understand are from KL, and they have gone international.

The crowd went wild as they spun up and down, left and right.  Lights came back on soon after to allow Elecoldxhot to catch a quick rest.

The groves however didn’t stop there as the crowd was kept ‘head-banging’ to remixes of old and new songs played by the house DJ.

Elecoldxhot definitely impressed me with their tirelessly moves, including a special treat to the ‘Gangnam style’,  which of course got us ‘Gangnam style-addicts’ dancing as well on the VIP lounge.

I bet by then, people were staring at us for doing such move, but it’s a party!  You are suppose to unwind! Ha Ha to you guys just standing there.

If I am not mistaken, Elecoldxhot came up on stage numerous more times, but when the clock struck 12, model and also deejay Juicy M took over the decks to wow with her lively selection of music.

She played a huge variety of music, while urging the crowd to dance to her selection of music.  It really wasn’t difficult to follow her tunes as she played so much variety that we were simply elated, including yes.. those of us born in the 80’s.

At our lounge, the call for cheers and ‘WWWwwhhOOOoooooo!!!’ came each time a familiar song was played, with the wooden elevated lounge rocking hard every time we opted to jump to a beat.

The activity known as ‘cucuk langit’ among us was very prominent that day as the music by DJ Juicy got even better by time.

Elecoldxhot also took the opportunity to come back on stage to perform their moves as DJ Juicy drove the crowd crazy with a mixture of dub-step, house and trance. (I admit, I’m not too familiar with these genre of music, but then.. I’d like to believe those were the music played).

Nonetheless, great things do have to end as the house DJ took over the decks when DJ Juicy’s session was done. For us, that signaled the end of the night as we were tired.

I was personally drained from all the jumping, and was feeling hungry for some food, but it was an awesome night indeed.

As Natasha put it “It was such an amazing night because everyone in the whole gang was there for once“, and of course the fact that Elecoldxhot and DJ Juicy M was there, made it even sweeter.

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