‘Enjoying’ School Holidays

I have been enjoying school holidays for the past few days… Ermm.. ‘Enjoying??’

Somehow I think I should refrain from stating I actually ‘enjoy’ school holidays because I really feel troubled when I know school holidays is near. You should not think that I am a workaholic because there is nothing worst actually than having to work to earn a living. I guess, it is actually the sense of having a holiday, and doing nothing you want during the holidays.

When I was still a student in secondary school, I met up with friends in school, and I played my heart out with my friends during school terms. However, all of this would be gone when the school holidays start, leaving me trapped, alone gazing at a huge box called the television.  Of course I spent less of my time in school sleeping on the desk, which is really unlike some of my students.

In college, or university as we call it in Malaysia, the long semester breaks can actually be very hurtful to me. Like in secondary school, my semesters would be filled with lots and lots of activities, with the occasional studying which was really fun to do as you have emotions running high and low according to the stress level. During semester breaks, all of those emotions become one emotion called boredom which is really boring. The advantage of being in a university is of course you get to know people from all walks of life, and from different geographical areas, but that is also the main problem since you will be left practically alone when holidays come.

Nowadays, I am working… it’s so much the same. I get home to my parents, and leave whatever is at my apartment during the holidays. I reach home, do some chores, and wait for my dad to declare his barbecue plans. Yes… his barbecue plans which always comes during holidays. Other than that, I’ll be stuck in my room doing nothing and having wondering of what I could be doing if I’m home, at my apartment. Owh… the thought is so wonderful… *SIGH*

And now, I’m bored. I’d really like to take Emy out for a movie or two… but arrgghhh…

Just to point out again… I hate holidays!!!

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