EURO 2008: The loosing bet

I watched with awe how Fernando Torres flicked the ball over Lehman to give Spain the winning goal, and hence the crown of the EURO 2008.  I was not happy!  Damn it.  I was far from happy.  It also marked me loosing RM200 for this whole Euro 2008, which is a far cry from the expected RM300 I wanted to achieve.. So now, I am short of RM200, and I need to find ways to re-organize my money and to lessen my debts which would soon come to a thousand.

I felt this was the worst EURO for me.  I struggled to watch most of the matches, which was held at a good 2.45am (local time).  Lost most of my bets… and woke up grumpy due to huge lack of sleep, and surely demoralized due to the fact that I had less sleep, had done nothing, and also lost my bets!  It seems that I’m running out of luck.

On top of that, I still feel irked by Cristiano Ronaldo, which I can say is surely overatted… and I don’t know why, but there is  huge feeling of displeasure inside me. Topping that feeling is the huge pain I am experiencing after playing my first football game in months.  The pain is so real that I could actually wake up screaming at night, feeling agonized by the sharp pain between my thighs.  Its been like this for the past few days, and I have to say that this is by far, the worst muscle cramp/pain I have ever experienced!

Eventually, I wanted to visit some massage center to ask them to ‘lighten’ the pain, but was worried that they would end up asking me whether I’d want my ‘other brother’ to get a massage due to its proximity to the injured area… That would be far from my objective, and probably would make another muscle soar shall I agree to the request…. hahahahaha….

So,  I guess, now its just pain sucking for the next few days.. and as for the EURO 2008, its surely a loosing bet for me!! Damn you Torres!!

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