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Don’t really want to be nosy or interfering into the any law, but I found this news interesting…

Religious Freedom Does Not Apply To Muslims Here, says retired Judge

And I though it was the other way around all this while 😀


I can’t agree more on this article/letter from the NST,

Teacher’s Pay & Perks: It’s about time the seniors got a break

even though I am not actually directly involved because I am the younger generation with more perks & benefits 😛



  1. First it was the calling of Chinese as immigrants, then Bar Council’s forum on Islam and conversion, followed by Ketuanan Melayu, and now YOGA! Oh my God…..

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    Yah.. so many petty issues. But I am most of all dissapointed with how the government handled the Chinese as Immigrant issue. Really shows double standards. Arghh… cakap pun tidak guna.

  2. Like any so-called high-pay government-linked jobs in Malaysia, teachers faced greater stress level and work loads. The higher the pay, the greater the pressure, unless of course, you are one of those people who don’t seem to bother much about responsibilities and just “makan gaji buta”.

    Well, it’s a sad fact…and i too agree with the judge. I wonder why more and more racist issues are brought up lately. A propaganda to create unrest? Like those in India and Thailand? Let’s just hope not and something must be done!


    True.. I think the pressure on teacher’s is really there. Teacher’s are like cheese in a sandwich. You’re always caught in the middle.

    Ahh.. racist issues just should not be brought up. I don’t know why some people just don’t get it. You just say a little, and they start roaring like its such a big deal. In the end, those whom want to stay quiet, end up also roaring.. Better for everyone to shut up and give in if its nothing that big…

  3. cdason, I have a 1001 things to say about religious freedom and etc, but at the risk of putting myself at ISA’s mercy, I think I will keep my silent. *Tempted*

    Eh, I thought graduate teachers nowadays move up grades so fast I think we in the other Ministries are being left out! haha. unfair too!

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    Don’t we all have something to say 😛 But I think I support the ex-judges statement, and I do feel what he said is a fact. Regarding the pay, em, someone told me that teacher’s are the second highest paid civil servant after doctors in Malaysia.. but somehow, I do not feel the ‘high pay. Anyway, i do pity the senior teachers which studied, but gain little.

  4. Haha, yea.. my mum has been saying something about it. It’s not fair that those in the past could be promoted really fast (diagonally or what not if they were pandai at kissing ass) but now you have to take tests or something to naik one measley level. Training lagi.. implement this and that. Susah but no compensation!

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    haahaha.. I know what your mum is referring to. What to do. ‘Small fish’ can’t say anything you know..

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