Explaining the tweet The Malaysian Insider collected from me


Often, I do not have to explain my tweets from my account @cyrildason, but this is the one time I do have to do so because what I can see is damaging to me, and probably those around me.

It was brought to my immediate attention that a local portal, The Malaysian Insider has quoted my tweet on the #Merdeka55, and used it in a political report on their portal www.themalaysianinsider.com as you can see below.

Yes, correct. That quote was my tweet, but the following statement which was added by The Malaysian Insider was not. The part where they decided to say my actions was a rebuttal to the statistics announced was not true and not correct.

I never said such thing, or made such claims.

While I did scout the internet to find a twitter tracking statistics websites, I have to admit that I not only failed to find such a site, but also am not able to even show you the most accurate facts and figures for #merdeka55.

The only data I could gain was from a site called hashtracking.com which is limited to about 1,500 tweets, and anything over will not be recorded and collected for analysis. This is shown below.

And so, when The Malaysian Insider decided to say that my tweet was “an apparent rebuttal of the federal government’s record-setting claim“, I am obviously not happy.

They have bluntly used my tweets for their advantage, and somewhat tried to paint me as opposing the current governments effort during Merdeka.

It is my believe their effort to use my tweet in such way is ‘shallow minded’ and ‘desperate’, and that it only serves to prove the point that they are willing to sacrifice their dignity to help certain political parties gain votes in the most unprofessional way.

Their actions is uncalled for especially when we are suppose to be united regardless of political ideology during this Merdeka celebration.


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