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The one thing I like about Facebook is the fact that most people use their real names online.  This means, no names which I term as ‘junk names’ are available.  For me, one should take pride in their own name, and use it as often as possible when trying to address themselves, or introducing themselves to other.

As a matter of fact, those whom use their real names, make it easier for others to identify them, making it simply easier to know whose who, and whose not.

Now, lately, I’ve noticed a huge growing number of Facebook users on my list of friends actually changing their names into something different.  A nice name as “Rachel, could be turned into Rich-and-cool’.  Some, spell their name so differently, that you’d have to pronounce it to know whom it is… for instance Cyril, would be spelled ‘SeeReal’.

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It’s really confusing for me because I have to decide whom is who when I see some post on my wall.  I don’t know what you guys think, but I feel it’s just darn confusing, and it makes me wonder, aren’t these people proud of whom they are and whom they have become?  If they change their names to a name which everyone knows is their very own nick-name, is alright, but changing it to something just so foreign is plain nuisance.

Why is there a need to change your Facebook name?  Names like ‘Aku sexy‘, or ‘I am hot‘ doesn’t really mean that you are hot or sexy, as these things are defined by other people, and putting your names in such way only provokes other people to be judgmental over your own self as the common human will go “So, she claims to be sexy.. but she is plain ugly!!

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I figure that if you are not a terrorist, or a mafia king which is trying to evade arrest… stick to your very own name.  After all, no matter how bad your name is, it may sound beautiful to others, and it is after all your very own name.  And of course, it is how other’s identify you.

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