Fair & Reasonable


We did not demand for others to change their identification card details when they decided to follow.

We did not demand for airtime on prime TV to show we were doing something every Sunday morning.

We did not demand for formal classes regarding our beliefs to be introduced in our national schools.

We did not demand for others to close down school canteens and stop selling red meat during the month of lent.

We did not demand for men to switch to ‘our side’ when they married our wonderful ladies.

We did not demand for exclusivity of any word to represent someone we highly worship.

We did not demand for a declaration to state that we should be the main religion of the country.

We did not demand for special rights, special privileges, or even more rights in the federal constitution.

What we did ask for is the freedom to profess, as guaranteed in the constitution, agreed upon during the independence day.

Tell me, how can you say that is not ‘Fair and reasonable‘?

Are you saying that we should just let you by-pass us and do as you please, and therefore allow us to die a slow death?

Isn’t it bad enough that the constitution is also not ‘fair’ to some extend?  Put on our shoes, and maybe… just maybe you’d understand.

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