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Finally, Lazada refunded my money

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I’ve been waiting for a refund from Lazada after two of my most expensive purchases from the online store/mall went missing.

Well, the bad news is that it took a few more calls, a few more emails and a patient wait, but yeah, after all that, Lazada has finally decided I am worthy for a refund.

This first item, a Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus handphone costing RM1,585.30 was confirmed by an email dated 28 October as you can see below.. After I got the email, the refund was reflected in my credit card statement within 5 days.

Lazada refund email
Lazada refund email

The second item which went missing, also a Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus smartphone had more ‘problems’ in settling the issue because Lazada depended on their courier service (NinjaVan) to already have the item in hand for delivery, while NinjaVan claimed they didn’t have the item.  There was also some confusion as the item was the same, and so there was an assumption that my refund has been processed.

Thankfully, the customer service people at Lazada realized it was a different purchase, and started to look into the matter after I highlighted it on 28 October 2017, the same day Lazada confirmed my first purchase was getting a refund.

Between 28 October to 30 October, I made periodical checks with Lazada to ensure my case was not forgotten, and on the 17th of November, I received the email below to confirm that the refund has been processed.


Lazada second refund email on 17 November
Lazada second refund email on 17 November

Yep, it took Lazada almost a month to refund me my money, but it is good that it didn’t take more than that. The money has since been credited to my account yesterday 23 November, and hence this post.


Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

To be honest, the lost of my parcels was an isolated case among the hundreds of purchase I’ve made over Lazada.

Prices on Lazada remain a good bargain, and their service in general has been commendable.

So, this unfortunate incident wouldn’t stop me from shopping online, especially with promotions like the Malaysia Black Friday promotion constantly happening with dropping way under normal retail prices.

Anyway, I’m really glad the whole refund thing is over, and I look forward to Lazada improving their services, and giving more discounts.

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