Finding the best action camera in Malaysia

Action Camera sketch
Action Camera sketch

Over the past weeks, I’ve been shopping a lot in preparation for an up-coming trip.  The trip this time around would see me bring some new gadgets because from my last Siem Reap trip, I realized that making a video of the trip was a good way to document the whole journey.

That’s why, I decided this time around, I should look for proper gear to make a video, in which would allow me to, you know, video the whole trip nicely, compared to what you see below.

Anyway, If you follow me on Facebook, you’d know that I was looking for an action camera, which doesn’t burn the pocket, but also does take amazing videos.

There’s plenty of brands out there, and some were pretty cheap, with them throwing a hell lot of accessories to entice a purchase.

I got confused with all the selections because some were really ‘dirt cheap’ I start questioning if it’s really a worthy deal.

GoPro Hero3+ Action camera
Action cameras from GoPro are highly recommended, but they cost a bomb. //Photo by Pixabay

There’s a saying that “if it’s too good of a deal, it may be a scam”, so do pardon me for being slightly paranoid when I see a brand new action cam being sold at just RM150, inclusive of all accessories.  I mean, the deal may be real, but what if the camera ended up faulty after a month? What if I didn’t like the colours? What if I ended up selling the camera because it didn’t live up to my expectations, much like the Chuwi Surbook I just bought?

To create more headache, I started reading reviews of the so called ‘good action cameras’ found online, but then when I checked them out in to purchase in our local Malaysian stores, problems cropped up such as there were not available, such model doesn’t exist here in Malaysia, or the cameras were illegally brought. Way to kill the joy, huh?

This is when I found a site called ProductNation Malaysia, which is a review site that gives reviews on anything that is available in Malaysia, hence making it a great place to read reviews on products that are available in Malaysia.

ProductNation Malaysia
A screen shot of ProductNation Malaysia

As I could gather, the website is Malaysian based, and the products they review are available in Malaysia, and this includes cars, appliances, and beauty.

They also have tech reviews in Malaysia which makes the service they provide pretty awesome because this guarantees what ever product review I read can be bought here in Malaysia, hence making it easier for me to find something not only worth to buy, but also available in our local Malaysian market.

ProductNation Malaysia tech review
A review on powerbanks in Malaysia in ProductNation

I’ve noticed they had already reviewed headphones, laptops and instant cameras, so I’m pretty sure they would be reviewing other devices soon, and hopefully an action camera.

Regardless, it’s really good to know there’s a local review site because most reviews out there aren’t local, and even if they were, they didn’t really compare brands head-on like what ProductNation does.

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