The video of our Siem Reap trip is out!


Hey, as I promised before here, the video of our trip to Siem Reap is finally done!

Just some info on the video; it is my first travel video blog and it is my first video I ever produced with VEGAS 14 PRO, which is a video editing software I bought from Steam. I usually use Windows Movie Maker, but the latest edition sucks and I wanted to do nicer videos, so I decided, “what the hell..” and bought myself the software costing a few hundreds.

That said, the video itself is pretty shaky at times, and the editing is rough to be honest, no way close to what Kayu Malam Productions has to offer, but I am still proud of my first work.

Some notes to self, and to you, if you are planning to make a video: A proper camera still trumps the phone camera in terms of stability and sharpness in shooting, I should look at the camera more often, time-lapse is bad when you plan to move and record.

As I said, I’m very inexperienced with the new software, and despite it’s huge potential, I’m still figuring out how to insert text, over lay text on video and so many stuff.

I did notice some problems with the final video, but decided to just publish it as rendering on my laptop would take another few hours, and I don’t have space to spare on my laptop too. Not going to buy a new super computer because such huge investment would mean I need to do this video editing as a proper part time.

So, hope you like the video. Took me like a couple of hours to produce, but I am happy with it lahOgik nyam host GO ASEAN sijak…. Click on the video above to play, or just watch it here:

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