Fine Dining in Kuching: Suasana on 18


Fine dining in Kuching doesn’t get any more spectacular than the one I had at Suasana on 18 a couple of weeks ago.

The venue, perched on the 18th floor of Riverside Majestic Hotel Astana Wing Kuching is the latest addition to a variety of fine dining restaurants in the city.

However, Suasana on 18 serves a different and upper class vibe for fine dining in Kuching if compared to other restaurants.


I am always wary of fine dining restaurants that call themselves a ‘fine dining place’ when they are too rowdy and trying their best to max out on space.

To me, fine dining should be intimate, controlled and relaxed.  That means there’s ample space to move about or to push your chair when exiting the table, and the place is quiet enough to have a good conversation with your company.

Adding to those traits would be a very relaxed atmosphere with the best service one could imagine.  A fantastic view would simply add to the name ‘fine dining restaurant’.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a restaurant that calls itself a ‘fine dining restaurant’.

Fine Dining in Kuching, Suasana on 18
The menu of Suasana on 18 Fine Dining

This is why I’ve rated Suasana On 18 as the best fine dining in Kuching that I’ve experience so far.

I’ve been to a few fine dining restaurants before, and I remember some had their tables way too close to each other, while totally ignored the need for a nice and quite environment.

At Suasana on 18, the modern and classy ambiance makes for a perfect spot to enjoy fine dining in Kuching against the fantastic Kuching skyline.  If you come during sunset, the view is spectacular! – When I came, it was past that moment but still, the skyline of Kuching was amazing!

Suasana on 18
The ambiance of Suasana on 18

The arrangement of tables and chairs allow enough distance between guest.  The relaxing music adds to that relaxing atmosphere.

If you didn’t know, Suasana on 18 is the only open to the public fine dining restaurant that’s high-up overlooking Kuching, so that’s a very huge plus point.


The menu at Suasana On 18 isn’t extensive, so that’s a bummer really.  I went during its soft opening and there was a limited number of options available.

Do not get me wrong.  There’s a sizable number of dishes and drinks available, but the number it’s huge.  I believe there was less than 20 on the list, excluding the beverage options.

Fine Dining in Kuching, Suasana on 18
Baby Romaine

For the course meals, there’s two main course sets; Set A and Set B.  As I was told, the menu would see an increase of items in the near future.

Anyway, for this visit, my wife and I had the Baby Romaine and White Tomato Soup for starters.  Both were yummy and interesting in flavor and presentation.

We then had two ala-carte main courses.

One was the Grilled Air-flown Salmon which I thought was really good and the highlight of the evening. The Salmon was perfect and really delicious and it was just perfectly prepared.

The air-flown Salmon

The other main course was the 1,000gm Grilled Grain-fed Tomahawk Steak which came on it’s very own trolley, hot from the kitchen.

The Grilled Grain-fed Tomahawk steak

I honestly didn’t expect such an intimate service, as the medium-rare steak was neatly sliced by the Suasana on 18 staff and served right before my eyes. – It was as if I had my own serving staff at that very moment!

As a matter of fact, the staff were very attentive to our request, so it was really pleasing.

Impressive personal service

Anyway, the steak was good even without its sauce, but 1,000gm of beef is a lot of meat especially when I do need to watch my cholesterol levels.

Regardless, I was already stuffed and had eaten more than I should.

The molten chocolate cake

Therefore, when the molten chocolate cake was served for desserts, my wife and I could only give it a taste before calling it quits.

We were too full and the salmon and steak really stuffed us.


If you go for quantity, going to Suasana On 18 might not be advisable.  In fact, going to any fine dining restaurant wouldn’t be advisable.

However, if compared to other fine dining restaurants, Suasana on 18 does offer value for money considering the ambiance, the level of comfort, the service and the whole experience.

The two three-course meal sets in particular are considered quite cheap, priced just at RM100 and RM90 respectively.

Fine Dining in Kuching
Set A of the 3 course menu

I’m sure the menu will change as time passes, but this is a good indication of how much you’d expect to pay.

The ala-carte menu is priced from RM15 to RM185 with the most expensive item being the Grilled Grain-fed Tomahawk Steak which needs to be pre-ordered.


If you want to go to Suasana on 18 for your fine dining in Kuching, the map below is the best guide.

Else, you can just take GRAB and head to the Riverside Majestic Astana Wing, and go onto the 17th floor of the hotel.

Booking a stay at Riverside Majestic might also get you extra discounts.


If you don’t want to book a stay there, you can book a table by calling +6082532222 and ask for Suasana On 18.


I believe Suasana on 18 is a gem in Kuching and I was lucky enough to experience the restaurant during its soft opening period.

Personally, I can already see this restaurant being easily filled during Valentine’s Day as it’s the most romantic place to be for a date due to its picturesque view.

I am however not surprised with what Riverside Majestic Astana Wing is offering through Suasana on 18, especially after I had a great stay at this hotel itself a couple of months ago.


Anyway, I do hope to see more amazing fine dining locations in Kuching in the future.

However, I do think that Suasana on 18 has made the bar quite high for any challengers.


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