Follow-up on the Bloggers@RWMF


Sunset @Permai

I am not feeling well. Work is too much to bear, and brother ‘haze’ is back. If there is a feeling, it will be pain, aches, and tiredness.

Anyway, those of you whom have listed down your names to join the Blogger@RWMF’09, please email me ASAP giving me your the following details:

-Full Name
-Contact number
-Blog URL
-MYkad Number (If you are a Malaysian)

I need the information to forward to STB, so please help me out by doing it quickly. ย You can fill in the contact form with the details above if you do not have my email. ย More news would come next week. At the moment.. CHoWW!!


  1. email sent!

    btw, i typed just one word earlier on but was prompt by a warning telling me that my comment was too short. hence, I need to go back to the comment box and re-comment (and longer).

    I think this is long enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Must be my spam protect plugin. Hehehe.. SOrry for the late reply. Pre-occupied lately.

  2. Cyril,

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. Hopefully u guys will enjoy yourself yeah?

    Its okay Willie. Maybe next time, or next year.

  3. ok, who’s going to RMWF on Saturday evening? Let’s go together! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am!! *jump!! Jump*
    We could go together =P. It will be fun!

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