Follow-up on the Bloggers@RWMF


Sunset @Permai

I am not feeling well. Work is too much to bear, and brother ‘haze’ is back. If there is a feeling, it will be pain, aches, and tiredness.

Anyway, those of you whom have listed down your names to join the Blogger@RWMF’09, please email me ASAP giving me your the following details:

-Full Name
-Contact number
-Blog URL
-MYkad Number (If you are a Malaysian)

I need the information to forward to STB, so please help me out by doing it quickly.  You can fill in the contact form with the details above if you do not have my email.  More news would come next week. At the moment.. CHoWW!!


  1. ok, who’s going to RMWF on Saturday evening? Let’s go together! 🙂

    I am!! *jump!! Jump*
    We could go together =P. It will be fun!

  2. Cyril,

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. Hopefully u guys will enjoy yourself yeah?

    Its okay Willie. Maybe next time, or next year.

  3. email sent!

    btw, i typed just one word earlier on but was prompt by a warning telling me that my comment was too short. hence, I need to go back to the comment box and re-comment (and longer).

    I think this is long enough. 🙂

    Must be my spam protect plugin. Hehehe.. SOrry for the late reply. Pre-occupied lately.

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