Forgiveness of a Person

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The Holy Rosary

For the millionth time, I watch One Tree Hill, and as I said over and over in the past… it’s never been disappointing. I know, some will say that One Tree Hill is boring, slow and just nonsense, but for me… it is a great series, which has lots of beautiful quotes, interesting new songs, gorgeous actresses and not mentioning thought provoking scenes.

This latest episode was nothing short of those thought provoking scenes, where a line goes exactly like this:

Forgiveness is never easy, bitterness is easy, hatred is easy, but forgiveness that’s a tough one. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean, or do things they can’t take back; sometimes we do things we can’t take back, so we fear ourselves and start the pain. We’ll all figure something. I was afraid I was dying, but in the face of great despair I had an epiphany. What I’ve done is who I am, but what I’ve done is not who I’ll be. It took me to realize what I’ve done is not who I can be, unburden yourself from the mistakes of your past, and when you do, your heart goes stronger. I should know mine was supposed to go out a long time ago. Doesn’t mean what you’ve done is forgotten, what you’ve done is out there and what you’ve done remembers.

….while one more line which talks about us a human beings. The lines in this scenes goes:

Who you are is who you are. We’re liars. We’re thieves. We’re addicts. We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else. We hold grudges. And when faced with our mistakes, we reinvent the past. We reinvent ourselves. At least we try. We’re prideful, and we’re lustful, and we’re incredibly flawed. And eventually, our flaws catch up to us.

I know, by reading those quotes, you guys would be divided into really understanding what it means, and also wondering how the hell do I find those twisted words to be ‘thought provoking’. Well, I guess, it may have something to do with the fact that every single word of those lines are true in our human flawed lives, and those quotes and lines does in a way keep me reminded of how cruel and pathetic humans can be, and how I should deal with everyday with a huge sense of courage and patience.

Enough said on those, I think we should always look forward to great and better things, rather than look at the bad side and also the sad part of life. It may not change anything which has happened in the past, but at least… we can look forward to the future, and smile knowing that we can do something to make it better and brighter. I mean, who cares what other people says? Humans, as we all know, always want to try to bring down the other. It’s basic human instinct to want to dominate over others.

Cousins running around

For me, the utmost thing in life is to find your own happiness…. and hope that others will be happy that you have obtained your happiness.  There is no point trying to please others, when you are suffering inside.  Like wise, being happy by taking substances like drugs, or doing anything which are hugely negative or bad to yourself and people around you, isn’t being happy… It’s pathetic.  I’m very much against these things, and I hope everyone could stay away from these useless stuff.  Don’t kill your life, because there is so much to look forward too if you just take the time to chill, and take things one step at the time.  You’ll find that there is always a positive to a negative.  With that said.. look deep and hard for something positive today, and enjoy your life to it’s fullest!


  1. Forgiveness does not come easy. It is one of the hardest lessons in life I presume, to forgive others, to ask for forgiveness, and also to forgive ourselves.
    I guess pride is inevitably there for everyone, and it is the largest obstruction to the flow of forgiveness.
    I also believe that forgiveness does not come without pain. It will definitely hurt. That is why it is easier to hate and not forgive, rather than facing the pain.
    Happiness is subjective. Some people feed their happiness on other people’s misery. As scary as that sounds it is true.
    I find forgiveness to be one of my weaknesses, but of course, I am working my best to do what I can. Hence I can relate to your entry.

    Yeah.. that’s scary, I mean when people feed on other’s misery. I hope I do not know people of this sort.

  2. I love this post. Well said, and absolutely agree with you. After a while, I think we’ll actually find out that forgiveness IS the easiest thing to do. There’s no use tainting your heart and being with grudges, because it’ll only hurt us and no one else. We think we’re hurting the other person by holding grudges, when in fact the other person would not care less…and we’re the only one suffering! Hatred takes too much precious energy.

    “For me, the utmost thing in life is to find your own happiness…. and hope that others will be happy that you have obtained your happiness.”


    Thanks for the compliment. Yay!! BINGO! =)

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