Free Dance by DM

I’m featuring a special video which is somehow related to what I’m gonna blog about in my next post.  Someone tagged me in Facebook, and well the result was this particular video which I will feature at the end of this post, so continue reading first.

Basically, I thought that the tag was merely some of my friends asking me to look at some stupid, idiotic video which they would like me to see (I get that a lot somehow, and its irritating), but this one was kind of different… so I gave it a look, and I was impressed.

Adding to the fact I personally know the person in the video amazes me even more of her talent (yes, its a she), and when I thought back on how she brings herself around, it does come as a very pleasant surprise.  Now, check out the video below:

From my perspective, this girl has talent, and I believe that it took a lot of effort to actually dance in sync to the song.  Too bad the video is of poor quality, but well… on the positive side… it gives you guys/gals a chance to see her dance, and not judge her for her looks.

Like Fahriee says in his digital signature in emails “God gives talent. Work transgresses talent“.  So true bro.. so true..

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