Freedom of the Press in Malaysia


We hear about freedom of the press in Malaysia being talked about since I can remember. Due to unknown reasons, Malaysia doesn’t give total freedom to the press or mass media with stories being blacked out from international editions, news being censored etc etc.

It’s all said and done to ‘protect Malaysians’.  This post has nothing to do with politics, mind you.

It has everything to do with the newspaper below….

Now tell me, with such a headline, can national integration actually be a success?

I’m angered by how such headline can actually make a headline in Malaysian mass media when this only serves to makes other’s look down on Sarawakians, and not mentioning the Penans.

It’s bad enough that those ‘over the sea’ already look down on us since decades, and now this? Want to influence the ‘younger minds’ too eyh?

This is why I think, and I agree when Larry Sng said “Only Sarawakians know what’s best for our people.“.

If you didn’t know, the tabloid paper above is Semenanjung based and they have expanded to Sarawak about a year or so ago.

However, with such headlines they probably should stay where they are based because if there is anything I’d like banned or removed from the mass media, it would be news depicting Sarawakians in such a manner, as in making people look down on us.



  1. In light of the brouhaha that the article has caused, and subsequent coverage, I retract my earlier opinion. The article was UNTRUTHFUL, SUBJECTIVE and was intended to defame the Penan people. This article isn’t journalism – it’s a smear.

  2. Oh bravo! nicely put. that is a sensational piece of crap, and even if the news were legit, who’s to say what’s right or wrong in other people’s custom? u know what, i think with all the bad press going on ‘over the sea’ now, some people are trying to bring the spotlight back to us. any issue will do as long as they can channel the attention away from themselves… pfft

    • Thank you =)

      I can’t help but wonder why are they putting us down, when this paper is suppose to help some quarters gain support from Sarawakians.

      With headlines like this, unity between Malaysian over there and over here is not achievable.

  3. Interesting. The article is factual, objective, and absent any obvious political slant. Perhaps a little judgmental when looked at through “urbanized” eyes.

    To me, it’s suitable for helping to understand another culture. Not really front-page stuff.

    Do you think there’s a concerted effort by the Peninsular editors to put down Sarawakians?

    • I believe it was not intentional, but then again, it’s bluntly insensitive to create such headlines.

      Facts remain facts, but one should not sensationalized one’s weakness to gain profit.

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