Get It Right


Life is indeed a roller coaster. Nothing is a sure bet, most of us try hard to get what we want. Some dwell over the past, some ponder over the future, and some live life to the fullest by the day. Regardless, there are moments we just feel disappointed with where we are at, and have this huge feeling that we could do much better, or at least deserve better.

Now, that’s where Glee’s Season 2 Episode 16 comes in. The episode entitled ‘Original Song‘ was, for me one of the best ever produced under this musical TV series.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Glee. The series grew on me mainly due to their amazing cover versions. For example their cover version of ‘Teenage Dream’ below:

Anyway, in this particular episode, the New Directions (name of the team) were morally down. They were banned from performing a song they loved, and they were constantly abused both mentally and physically by their peers whom constantly called them ‘losers’ regardless of the trophies they brought back. Rachel was also fighting a personal battle in which she is loosing to Quinn (a popular and more beautiful blonde girl). Nonetheless, both Rachel and the New Directions rose to the occasion and started channeling all those negativity to drive them forward. They ended up writing two amazing songs in which one was this:

You see, most of the times in our life, we will end up with failure and disappointment. Negativity and sadness bugs us easily, and it tends to be our company most of the time if compared to happiness and glory. Due to that, we shouldn’t always feel down and sorry for ourselves, but instead look at how we can capitalize and channel these negativity towards something productive, positive and beneficial for ourselves, or perhaps someone else.

I’ve been living for 28 years, and every now and then I tend to pause, look back and figure out my life and what I have achieved. Like everyone, I ponder and console myself about opportunities I’ve missed, and things I could have made better. Anyway, regardless of that, the end question would always be “What’s next?“, because it’s not about the past, but it’s about the future.

The New Directions wrote a lovely song and won Regionals. I hope I can write a legendary chapter in my life.


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