Get Reloaded & a Pizza at RM1


Okay, I kind of lied. I thought I would only update my blog after the New Year, but something came up, so here I am updating my humble blog before the date I said I would be back. So sue me 😛

Pardon my selection of the title above.  I know, it sounds very commercial, but that’s the hard facts because Hotlink, by Maxis is giving out Pizza Hut Pan Pizza’s at RM1 (excluding tax and service charge).

Nope, no joke anywhere in this post because it’s plain right true.  According to Maxis, it’s their way of saying “Hey guys, here’s a Christmas Gift for you!!’, and when they mean gift, they mean you pay less, but get more. It’s Maxis. What do you expect?  They don’t hand out free stuff without a catch, but hey, who’s complaining? RM1 for a pan pizza at pizza hut is darn right cheap!  On a usual day, you’d be paying at least RM9 (excluding taxes and charges) for something similar.

To be eligible for this RM1 Pizza Hut offer, you need to get yourself 1 x RM15 Hot Ticket which comes all bundled with RM60 worth of talk time and SMS, OR you could opt for 2 x RM10 Hot tickets, and get RM31 worth of talk time and SMS for each ticket. To ensure you would be in the festive mood, Maxis decided to also give you free access to the specially customized Christmas WAP portal which contains more fun festive contents. Sounds interesting?


Well, that probably means you are not a HOTLINK or MAXIS user, just like myself 😛  But no sweat boys and girls, because you can do something I did…

Simply cut the coupon in half, and get your pizza at RM1 at the nearest Pizza Hut…

The other half? Well, anyone looking for HOTLINK Reload at RM15? I have two to sell. Limited stock only 😛


  1. Ramai x tauk benda tok eh…RM15 ya nilai sebenarnya RM60…nang bernilai. trus my friends berminat…tambah2 gik ada PizzaHut murah…dolok KFC murah nya mberik aih… Cuma one thing u patut point out is the differences between “ordinary RM15 TopUp” vs ” Hot Ticket RM15 TopUp”…ada dlm pic terakhir ya, but they r not clear…apa2 pun, everything dah dihighlighted in the 2nd pic… U have to try it out then u’ll understand…for Hotlink users only…


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