Giving Without Being Asked

Every year, you have people coming up to you asking you to donate for some charity or for some cause. I’m against it.

No, not the charity part, but the ‘asking‘ part.

I admit, sometimes humans need a little nudge to require them to donate. A simple ‘Hey bro, wanna donate?” would eventually translate into at least RM1 being placed in your pledge card. However, I don’t like donation drives to be done in this way because it puts the donator in the spot, and if there is anything my religion thought me, is that one must do something out of his own heart. Yes, sincerity in making a plead to donate is important.

I believe that if we could, we would. However, in life, we are all facing obstacles especially when it comes to money. Although some may say that donating RM1 if so small that it would hardly effect you in a month, but sometimes we also fail to realize how many other donations which are asking for similar or more cash contribution. The rule of the thumb when it comes to donating is always to consider your financial capabilities, and you should not donate more than you can afford to spend.

With that said, I encourage those which are financially stable and have extra cash to donate to charity because your donation, regardless of how small will go a long way. Don’t wait for someone to pat your back and ask.

As for the those having financial constrain, I think it’s great if you could lend your prayers and support because these two are also very important.

While I’m talking about it… if you do have some money to spare, why not help my donation drive to help children fight cancer. Simply go to and click on the “click here to donate” button. You will see the online payment form (iPay888 Virtual Link Payment Detail).

Fill it up accordingly but under “Shavee“, pls type ” Cyril Dason,” and for

“Product Description” pls select GO BALD.

All funds will go direct to the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society.

Once payment is made, the system will send you an official online receipt via email. Kindly forward it to me at CYRIL[at]SARAWAKBLOGGERS.COM so I can tabulate your donation in my sponsorship list. In appreciation, I will send you a copy / copies of my shave photos via email.

Let’s help kids fight cancer.

I admit, I’m not one of those with extra cash at disposal, but I believe I can contribute in action and prayer, and I am planning to go bald to help children fight cancer. Be BOLD my friends, Go Bald!

To know how much I have collected, please refer here.  All donations are given without me asking for them. To these awesome people, Thank you so much!

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