Teacher’s Day: Hari Guru kesebelas

Hari Guru kesebelas is about today, which is my 11th Teacher’s day I am celebrating as a teacher.

Time really flies because I can still remember my first day at this job.  I think my previous post had also mentioned about how time flies.

Anyway, since I couldn’t prepare this Hari Guru kesebelas post in advance due to some issues, I’ll keep this post short, if I can.

But before that all, let me tell you that this is the very first time in my career that I do not have an Education Minister, because after Pakatan Harapan won a historic election last 9th May, there has yet to be any appointment for an Education Minister.

Moving forward, there are new and exciting changes at work.

For the first time, I am teaching English. I have to say, it hasn’t been easy. Language isn’t my forte, and while I can speak and write in English, teaching it is a whole new ball game.

There are days I just struggle to think of what to do, because I’ve always taken the easy route in communication; if one can speaks English, I’ll speak English. Else, I’ll switch to a language they are more comfortable in. The perks of being bilingual.

I am also asked to teach Technology Design (Rekabentuk Teknologi), which trust me, isn’t fun when you have to deal with 13 year olds. Pffft.

And then, there’s my own core subject – Vocational Training.

There’s so much to do, I do not know where to start sometimes, and certain situations I can’t mention here aren’t exactly helping at times.

Hari Guru kesebelas
My student doing welding works during class.

But then, I do hope I get to teach this subject full time next year, because it is something I love doing.

I can also see my boys genuinely enjoy the class, although there are times I just have to put down a foot on certain things which relate to indiscipline and laziness.

But anyway, this is my Hari Guru kesebelas post, and I’ll talk about more serious stuff in the next post.

You can also check out my sort of work blog at Chegu.Cyril.

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