HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair review


I recently bought the HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair to improve comfort when I sue the computer. HBADA is a sub brand under Xiaomi so I had more trust on the brand compared to the rest.

I bought the chair because the previous one I had felt rather uncomfortable and I noticed I was hunching a lot when I am using the computer.

I did some ‘research’ and this HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair came highly recommended both in terms of rating and also reviews.

HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair specification

The chair in general is made out of mesh cloth, hard plastic and metal. The arm rest feels nice and soft while the cushion is made out of a thick latex like material.

I honestly can’t give too much details on its specification as there isn’t any.

In fact, when I bought I bought this chair I depended a lot on reviews which were all very positive.

Regardless, the image below would give you some indication on what to expect from the chair in terms of specification.

The chair is supposed to be able to hold a maximum weight of up to 250 lb (115kg) and can recline up to 135 degrees.

What I liked

I’ll go straight to the things I liked about this ergonomic chair.

First and foremost, the chair is easy to assemble. It did take some time to figure out where the screws go, but once that was sorted out, everything was easy.

Secondly, the feet of the chair is made of good metal which means its strong enough to hold my weight without breaking.  Some chairs are made of metal as well, but they are thin and break with ease.

This chair use thick metal and it was heavy.  The wheels also look better than those cheap ones and roll without much noise or friction.

It is also very comfortable thanks to its 8cm thick cushion and the cushion didn’t feel warm despite sitting on it for hours.

The mesh it uses is also very soft and comfortable and as far as ergonomic style goes, I think the chair does ticks most boxes when it comes to comfort and support.

When I was assembling the chair, I also noticed the material used is of quality and I must admit I was pretty happy to see this.

In its 135 degrees reclined state, it would be easy to sleep on this chair because it’s just so comfortable.

Problems with the HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Despite spending a fortune on this chair, I can’t say it’s without fault.

One of my biggest issues with the chair is actually the so called ‘ergonomic’ S design.

While it does seem to be comfortable, there feels to be a void in between my upper body and my butt when I sit on the chair.

The void feels evident when I recline the chair at 135 degrees.  A simple fix is to put a pillow at the back of the chair, right into the void, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having the ergonomic shape.  I’m not sure I’m having this problem due to my body now being used to having poor posture, or is it just the shape of the chair that’s uncomfortable.

Also, getting the variant with a foot rest may be much better as I kind of felt the current variant I had lacked that and I had to use a stool to rest my legs when reclining the chair 135 degrees.

Aside from that, I do feel the chair to be a little narrow.

I’m a person who likes to put my legs on the chair from time to time, so having a small area to accommodate my legs meant I can’t exactly fold my legs on the cushion anymore.

Other than the two problems, I don’t see any major issue with this chair and feel that its a worthy purchase.

Where to buy HBADA office chairs

There’s a lot of similar looking ergonomic chairs out there and I am not surprised since HBADA is quite known for its quality when it comes to office chairs particularly in Europe.

However, I’ve had my fair share of office chairs that doesn’t seem to work that well, or rather break down after a couple of months use.

This is why I decided to get my chair from a supplier I feel is rather reputable in Shopee and Lazada, which is probably the only place where I can get the HBADA chair for now.

Shopee seems to have more options if compared to Lazada but there’s also more ‘imitations’.

I bought mine for RM559.00 from this particular store because they had sea delivery which reduced delivery cost to Kuching significantly.



So what do I really think about the HBADA Ergonomic Office Desk Chair?

I think it’s comfortable, great to use, but the ergonomic side seems to require some sort of tweaking.

I guess HBADA sort of agrees that this particular ergonomics chair needs some improvements and hence why their newer models have some sort of extra support for the back, particularly the area I mentioned (which felt like it had a void).

Regardless of that, I do feel that the chair has quality and I expect it to last so much longer than the cheaper ones usually sold in the market.

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