He doesn’t deserve to die


A busy week has just passed, and I am so looking forward to my course in one of Malaysia’s most blessed cities tomorrow.  Just thinking of the fact that I’d be able to get away from all those paper work, get away from repeating the same sentence over and over till someone understands, simply makes me happy.  Work has been very hectic, and tomorrow actually marks the start of a more relaxing journey since sports day, labor day and the holidays are just around the corner.  I’ve never felt so enthusiastic of holidays in my life.  This must be the first.

Anyway, one of my colleague died last week, and it actually hurts to know that such a lovely man died at such a young age, which I believe is due to stress.  He’s the type of man you could call ‘brother’ at anytime, and he always tries to be a friend to anybody.  He doesn’t irritate you, and yet he cares about you… I won’t describe in more detail about him, but I bet the statement “he doesn’t deserve to die” is testament of how great he was as a friends and colleague.  There was also a huge number of students at his residence during the funeral, and that shows how most students loved him.

Well, I don’t want to write too much in this post because this would be an aim-less post if I did.  I think it’s suffice to say that I’m looking forward to a short break from work, although I’m going on a working course. I’m feeling kind of exhausted and this year, despite teaching Form 1, I find myself using more energy explaining simple concepts of Science, rather than more brains like when I used to be teaching Biology.

Last but not least, do you notice the photos in this post? It was all taken last Saturday when Fahriee, Andre, Norman and I went on what should have been a ‘photo-walk’ in Kuching.  It took us an hour to decide the spot best for this so called ‘photo-walk’, as we stayed at Swee Kang too long, making ourselves fat.  The result of staying too long at Swee Kang was less time shooting, but more time eating.  Can’t help it, we are Malaysians, and Malaysians love their food.

Em, before you go on saying the shots are not impressive, please do note that I didn’t edit any part of the photos, and it’s all taken with my reliable Canon IXY25IS digicam.


  1. You make me so jealous man !!
    I wish my time in Kuching was not too limited. Would be nice to spend more time shooting.
    My comment, very nice work man !! I like the way you composed your photos. Your shots are really natural-looking, and I believe that is especially true when you intend to present them as they are. We need more honest photographers like you these days. PP (post processing) is overused, and over-rated.

    By the way, a compact camera is still a good camera. Shoot with your soul, for your soul. The camera is just a tool. Without your soul in it, the photo comes out tasteless. (Can’t believe I am saying this. Since I am pushing you over the DSLR ledge ahahaha)

    I LOOOOVVEEEE landscape shooting. However I must admit though, of many photography genres I have explored, the one I suck the most is landscape !! I am not kidding.

    How come so few photos? Show more la.

  2. I’m sorry for the lost of your colleague, may God bless his soul. Anyway, those photos are great man, it all admirable. The last one have a “feeling” in it (which is something I always try to find when I take photos but most of the time I didn’t hehe), it is a great thing that boat is right in line of the sun’s reflection :p .

  3. Life is short….take as many photos of the world as you see it and publish it before we leave this world. The way we take our pics is our signature 9the way we take it and the subject we focus on) for those to remember us by….

    Sa that i have to remember a friend Rentap @ Frankie through his last blog post at http://ibanguy.blogspot.com/

  4. Willie:
    Hehehe.. it was nice to walk around taking photo 🙂 Yes, may he Rest in peace.

    Thanks man. When a compliment comes from a huge photographer as you, it means a lot 🙂 Well, actually, I love taking expressions of people, but sadly, my camera is not up to it, so I have to stick with landscape photography. There are a little more photos, but those here are the ones that stood out 😛 The rest will be kept for future use coz no space to upload all.

    Thanks dear 🙂

    I love the last photo simply because the boat is in line with the sun ray. 🙂

    I never thought of it in that way, but since you mentioned it.. yeah.. its true.. “signature of how we view the world”… I like it.

    Thanks bro 🙂


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