Hitting, Kicking & Shooting


Today is 11th December 2008.  In 7 days it would be payday (Should I be happy??), in another 14 days, it would be Christmas (should I be thankful?), and in another 25 days, it would be the last day of the 2008.  Then, on the 26th day after this day… it would be 2009.

I think, I have gone over these facts like a dozen of times in my mind…

The countdown begins, and I still don’t seem that thrilled.  I guess I’m not bothered by all this stuff.  When I was a little younger, I think I always looked forward to Christmas and New Year, but every year, the feeling deteriorates.  Getting older makes you wonder of so many things, and for me, every time it’s new year.. I’d go.. “Ahh.. I’m getting a year older… what have I done, and what will I do now??”  It really sucks to have your birthday somewhat after the new year.

These past few days, I have been playing badminton at least twice a week.  I told you guys before, I’m getting my ‘active-sports’ self back.  I’m not talented at all in sports.  I suck, big time (As I have said over and over here), but I enjoy the thrill of it, even though I know I’ll be loosing a particular game.

To make it sweeter, I partner Emy.. and as a mix-double pair… I can say we kick ass.  Yeah… maybe not the most formidable badminton pair in Malaysia, or in Kuching by any standards, but as far as I can see… we have managed to beat up to 3 other ‘all-men’ pairs.  I think that’s an accomplishment by any standards.  hehhehe….

I guess, with that feeling as a motivation, I am starting to enjoy playing badminton again.  Last time, I did enjoy playing badminton, but well… being trounced 15-0 all the time, playing a single’s game is not only embarrassing, but demoralizing.  Even worst is getting your double’s pair down the drain everytime.  It hurts even more to hear some so called ‘friends’ which play along with you claim that you suck at badminton behind your back.

That, ladies and gentleman, was the last straw.  I stopped playing, and gave excuses not to play.  Hello???  I know I’m not talented, and I suck.  No need to go bikering behind my back.  After all, I always say I play for the fun of it, for keeping fit, and with no intention of winning anything, and that is the ultimate reason why I shy away from competitions or tournaments.   I hate the feeling of letting people down, and so… I better not play than let their ‘winning mind’ down.  This way, no one gets hurt, right?  After all, if everybody wins, who will loose?? Having a draw is always boring, and in badminton, its just impossible.

Well, that was that, and this is now.  I have found new life in my badminton arena, and I am enjoying it.  Maybe I’m not ready for any tournament, but it’s the sweat that comes out from my body that counts.

Next on my list is paintball and futsall.  While futsall would have to wait for new year, I am looking at paintball.  So, if you are into making ‘head-shots’, and playing counter strike, we could make a date for you to bring your ‘amateur’ team, to play my ‘amateur’ team.  Seriously… I wanna shoot someone… and I wanna do it for fun.. You could contact me, and we could set up a date to kill each other.  So,  Any takers??  Seriously…


  1. Oooo…shuttlecocks are rather expensive nowadays. Now i prefer plastic shuttlecocks 🙂 by the way this is a game of love especially when you have a mixed double. Which is why the refree always say ‘Love All’, One Love, Two Love…etc. If its an all male double be careful who behind you 🙂 and where he hits that shuttlecock.

    Hahaha.. okay.. thanks for the meaning of the “one love”..hehehe.. but I get what you mean by the male partners. kekeke…

  2. Er…how many is supposed to be in a team? u just count them in first k, if u have like a bunch already, then we split up. But, where is this paintball turf in Kuching?

    One other’s last blog post..My X is getting married …

    Paintball is in 7th Mile. If you have a few buddies, I think we can go on an play. I think 10 would be enough. NOw, I have like 7, but I can only bring 5 (car can only accomodate that number), and another friend, so plus you.. got like 8??

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