Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion, Anugerah Carta Borneo & BCCK


Last weekend was one hell of a weekend. 3 major events happened, and I was involved in three, either directly or indirectly.

Friday was the Hitz Kuching Birthday bash, followed by Tweet-Up Kuching, and the night was the Anugerah Carta Borneo Era. It was a busy day, but the kind you like =)

Firsts of course was the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion, driven by Volkswagen, Das Auto! Boy do I love saying that! The birthday invasion was at the Borneo Convention Centre, and the highlights were the outside talents flying in. For me, JJ and Ean of Hitz were the highlight (photo above). Nonetheless, before they came, we were entertained by the wonderful local Kuching talents like Evenstar, Stepholic and Polar. All three were rocking, and with BCCK giving the event their experts in sound, it was just unbelievable! The sound system seemed like you had earphones to your head, and the music produced ensured my feet remained tapping, while the my head did some slight ‘headbanging’.

Stepholic danced a very well choreographed play, while pin sized Nadhira was nothing like the sweet girl I pictured all this while. Nadhira (photo below) of course rocked the house with her familiar hits.

When JJ and Ean arrived, there was a huge cheer from the crowd. The word huge actually would be an understatement. It was massive. People were cheering and shouting their names, and boy did they not disappoint! They introduced themselves, and soon after come up with the shower game (photo below).

For me, the sessions with JJ and Ean was the true highlight of the whole birthday bash. Other than that, both Natasha and Mmmeng did resoundingly well as emcees, while the performers, coupled with fantastic sound system by BCCK ensured I was enjoying myself.  Below is a photo of JJ, Natasha, Ean and Mmmeng.

As a matter of fact, I told Mike that BCCK could open a club with this sound system, and it would be amazing! Anyway, despite my desire to stay longer at the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion, I had to leave to set up for another event, which was the #TwtUpKch.

Set-up of #TwtUpKch lasted longer than expected, but you can read about how the whole event went here. I won’t repeat what I have written.

Anyway, #TwtUpKch took a toll on me, as I was very tired after the event. My legs felt like it was about to come off, and my body was a little bit hot. All signs of being fatigue. Not wanting to over exert myself, I decided to skip the opening of Anugerah Carta Borneo Era 2011(photo below), and only drop by for a while after that. I bet I missed quite a show because the audience at the award ceremony seemed to be entertained well with some singing to the songs played. I met a few friends which confirmed what I thought about the show, but I was too tired to go to the show immediately after #TwtUpKch.

Well, 3 events, and all were happening. I think this must be the weekend of the year for Kuching, and now when I step foot into The Springs, the sweet memory of #TwtUpKch makes me smile. Kuching, hell yeah!

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