Honest Lazada Malaysia Review

A new online store has opened, and they have claimed to be the biggest online store in Malaysia. Known as Lazada Malaysia, this online mall is a branch of Lazada, which is part or rather the online mall of a company known as Rocket Internet (a German-based company).

A quick glance showed me that the prices offered are unbelievable with discounts already given over normal retail prices of many items. To sweeten the deal, the price of these items are discounted even more with special vouchers/coupons which change the price of each items you want, particularly electronic ones, from tempting to ‘Must have items’.

I’ve been gunning for a few items myself lately, and when I knew Lazada Malaysia was offering a special RM150 blogger’s voucher, I decided to take the risk and buy myself a CANON SX40 Powershot camera, and another a small Toshiba 24-inch LED Full HD TV.

I also recommended the promotions to a friends: Ramzul, Rodz and Keeman, whom bought themselves up to three mobile phones and one LED TV (not specifically saying which friend bought what)

They received their goods within a week upon purchase.

I was not so lucky because my items have yet to arrive, and a quick check with the customer service department of Lazada Malaysia revealed that it has yet to be delivered. Why is both my guess and theirs.  *sigh*

Anyway, I was made to understand that my items should be arriving sometime next week, and I will keep you all updated on this. One thing is for sure, I hope Lazada Malaysia does compensate me well for the late delivery because the 4-7 days delivery period has already passed by today.

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