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A new online store has opened, and they have claimed to be the biggest online store in Malaysia. Known as Lazada Malaysia, this online mall is a branch of Lazada, which is part or rather the online mall of a company known as Rocket Internet (a German-based company).

A quick glance showed me that the prices offered are unbelievable with discounts already given over normal retail prices of many items. To sweeten the deal, the price of these items are discounted even more with special vouchers/coupons which change the price of each items you want, particularly electronic ones, from tempting to ‘Must have items’.

I’ve been gunning for a few items myself lately, and when I knew Lazada Malaysia was offering a special RM150 blogger’s voucher, I decided to take the risk and buy myself a CANON SX40 Powershot camera, and another a small Toshiba 24-inch LED Full HD TV.

I also recommended the promotions to a friends: Ramzul, Rodz and Keeman, whom bought themselves up to three mobile phones and one LED TV (not specifically saying which friend bought what)

They received their goods within a week upon purchase.

I was not so lucky because my items have yet to arrive, and a quick check with the customer service department of Lazada Malaysia revealed that it has yet to be delivered. Why is both my guess and theirs.  *sigh*

Anyway, I was made to understand that my items should be arriving sometime next week, and I will keep you all updated on this. One thing is for sure, I hope Lazada Malaysia does compensate me well for the late delivery because the 4-7 days delivery period has already passed by today.


  1. My friend and I got more than 10 orders have yet to dispatch to us, I was told that they revoked certain promotion code for some orders. We are going to escalate to Consumer Tribunal if they still procrastinating.

    Anyhow, I wish you could get yours soon, keep finger cross and God bless!

  2. stop buying any stuff from this company. is a scammer for sure. i paid directly for the 1st day i order the samsung S2. I wait for 10 working days. the customer service keep on telling me that the goods are out of stock. when i request for refund. they said need another 14 days from the day when you request for money. Now i in middle of waiting my money back. It’s said another 7 days to refund back the money to me.

    So the Scam process is like this -> i paid -> the money go to them -> when you call the customer services – and they will told you 4-7 working days.
    after 7 working days. You call for it. they said got no stock. so ask you to wait another week. After 1 week, you call again-> they said still no stock.
    so they have hold my money for more than 20 days. Then they tell me refund took another 14 days. So now already pass by 7 days, and i will make a police report , and visit Ipay88 , and bank negara to consider it is a business crime. So don’t take risk ! it is a scammer site.

    • Hey man, i just bought a vacuum cleaner from this site. And its been more than the 4-7 days period for the item to be delivered. Im just curious why the hell my invoice was in Thai language?

      However I believe its not a scam website. Its just a company with no management skills. I think they’re pushing themselves too hard with promises and super deals but cant deliver..I think we can charge the for misleading and almost false advertising?

  3. I placed an order for a book on 4th of June 2012 and received it on 6th of June 2012. I was amazed by the fast delivery. I was confident with Lazada and placed another order for Samsung S advance on 17th July 2012 night. The next day I heard my colleague told me that there are a lot of negative reviews about Lazada and one of her friend even cancelled her order after reading such reviews, I started getting worry and regretted for not reading views first before placing the order of the handphone. But on 20th July 2012 I received my handphone in the morning,it was so fast! Keep up with the good job Lazada!

  4. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER BUY from this people. They cater to a den of thieves. If you get a faulty product (leaky RM 494 blender) as I did, they will tell you that they can’t help you and you would have to deal with the manufacturer directly (off in China somewhere). They will tell you something and when you escalate Lazada will tell you to return the item and WAIT to see IF the seller will refund you!! DO NOT EVER BUY FROM LAZADA!!!
    BTW The seller tells me that once used there is no refund/return. Can you please tell me how do I know if a blender works without actually blending something??


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