Hope my creativity wins me DINNER!

If you haven’t heard, there’s this contest going on the web which requires you to be extra creative to win some ‘Notable’ prizes as they say. A quick video of the whole contest would be seen below.

If that’s unclear, continue reading on how I participated because the contest is quite interesting. First and foremost, you should head on to this site: www.becreative.my

To join, one must select one of the four below.
Note, Samsung, Be creative
I selected Razif because he was ‘cool’ when the animation played.  Check out how he came forward upon having the S Pen on him below:
Note, Samsung, Be creative, razif
Upon clicking him, Razif came to life, and started walking toward my screen, and started drawing this!
Note, Samsung, Be creative, razif, drawing
Apparently, I need to come up with the most delectable (nice looking) dish while using the Note 2 S Pen, to win a dinner at PRIME!

I’m not that good at drawing, so here’s my dish.
Note, Samsung, Be creative, razif, my design
The last part was to actually share it over social media, and when you are done, your entry is submitted with Razif saying it’s looking yummy =P
Note, Samsung, Be creative, razif, thank you
It’s that simple, and if I am lucky, dinner might be on Razif!

I know it’s not really a huge prize, but hey, it’s free, and who can say ‘NO’ to free food? Join now at www.becreative.my.

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