How Far is Far?


For the past few days, I have not been feeling that up to mark.  I can confirm that I will not be attending the RWMF, even after some friends have urged me to do so.  Despite the huge interest in Malaysian politics nowadays, just like Ember described, it remains that I have other things to figure out.

Something interesting popped out this week, or actually last week.  As a human being, and a man..or rather a guy, and maybe a teacher, I ask myself…. “How much contact between a man/guy and a women/girl is appropriate? ”  I mean, in my school days, we don’t touch the opposite sex any how, what more to say touch their thighs, upper back, caressing their waist and but, and surely do not hug them from the back.  To me, I assume this acts as a little bit, or really ‘over-board’, even as friends.  I think leaving the ‘boyfriend-girlfriend thing’ out of the picture would make it more focus.  Is it appropriate to do such acts, based on the reason its just kidding around, or ‘bergurau’?  I don’t know, you tell me.

You see, I received some complaints about some male students doing those sort of acts a.k.a. ‘touching girls thighs, their upper back(bra section), caressing the girls waist and but, and attempting to hug the girls’, but when called upon the student… he said it is just him, playing around with friends.  On top of that, the student even questioned why such acts is wrong when he is the girl’s friend and that he is just do it for fun and as a joke.  At that point, I wondered myself, (despite saying that it is still wrong)… about “How far, is far nowadays?”.  Should action only be taken when the student caresses other students breast, but and their private part?  I was also made to understand that the girls do resent his actions, but despite their pleas and anger, he continues to do what he does on the basis, he is their friend, and he has the right to do so.

I know, its a lame excuse, if you are on my side, thinking that he is wrong.. but if you are on his side???? Hmm…. any suggestions??


  1. that my friend is called sexual harassment. any touching that is not welcomed by the other person whether in the context of “fun” or “playing around” is called sexual harassment. :*) biarpun pegang tangan

  2. Ahh…in the school? I can accept touching but not touching the private parts! If they need to do that, do it somewhere private! This highlights the need for sex education. These students feel it’s fun and exciting since porn are easily available now via mobile, but when they are educated on the consequences of each action (e.g. sexual diseases, moral obligation, etc), they would somehow repent especially when their parents are called upon. Parenting is the key.

  3. Feli:
    Yes, I agree with you. Its totally sexual harassment.

    I agree as well on your point. Parenting is he key. Teachers cant educate if parents dont start at home.


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