How I fixed the Mohawk multimedia player problem I had

My Mohawk multimedia player had a serious problem recently, forcing me to look into how I could solve it since I like my car having music when I drive.

This was also true for my wife who had the player fitted in her car.

To be honest, I am rather disappointed because the multimedia player problem cropped up within a year or so after I had it installed.

Mohawk only gave a three months warranty for the player so I couldn’t request for a replacement.

Mohawk Multimedia player problem

You see, a cat got caught in my wife’s car the other day, and in effort to save the cat from the heat of the engine, I had to remove the battery.

However, after doing so, the Mohawk multimedia player started having one major problem; it was stuck in a loop.

During this time, it only displayed the Mohawk logo, and couldn’t go past that.

Solving Mohawk Android player problem

I tried resetting the player a couple of times, but it remained in the same way.

I also tried to use some tricks I’ve lifted from the internet, but it all didn’t help.

Last but not least, you can watch the video below to see how the whole problem is solved.

Better options

To be honest, a new Android player would actually cost so much cheaper online if you are not desperate.

Savings run into hundreds when buying such players online.

That said, if you are not in a rush to buy an Android Multimedia player, consider buying one online as it will definately save you more money  than going to a local car accessory shop.

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