How I save when shopping online

This post is about how online discount savings, which means it’s about how I save when shopping online.

Online shopping for either food or stuff has become a normalcy of late, so I though I should share how I got over RM1,000 of savings and cashback from shopping online.

Interestingly, the cashback also covers food delivery services like FoodPanda, AirAsia and Grab, so there’s plenty to save.

How I saved money when shopping online

So how did I do it?

Well, follow the steps below and you will also start earning.  Also don’t worry, it’s totally free and you need not pay a single cent.

  1. Go to ShopBack:
  2. Register yourself on Shopback.
  3. Search for a merchant you want to use, like Grab, or Lazada, or Shopee.
  4. Shop by clicking the link in the app/website first before shopping to earn cashbacks.

Shopback rewards their users a certain percentage for every item bought or sold via their links, so that’s how I get online discount savings almost every day.

Maybe you are wondering how all these is possible since you aren’t paying a dime for money to roll back into your account. Well, it’s simple really. ShopBack can give you back some money as all their merchants actually give them a commission to promote and sale their products. By sharing the commission with you, they earn and you earn. Simple.

My practice to ease usage and increase earnings

The big question when using ShopBack is usually whether the purchased is recorded by ShopBack or not once you have tapped ‘BUY’ on the respective merchants website.

To address this, I usually directly go to the merchants app first, and then only go through ShopBack once I am sure and ready to check-out or pay for the items.

Now I know that it’s rather a hassle to always do this, but saving a few cents and sometimes a few Malaysian Ringgit is worth the hassle.

To this date, I have save over RM1,100 by using ShopBack and I can only see the number grow with food delivery services like FoodPanda, Grab and AirAsia now part of Shopback’s merchant list.

On top of that, there’s also other popular merchants in the list like Apple, Lazada, Shopee, Uniqlo, AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and more, so there’s plenty of ways to save using ShopBack.

Get extra RM5 by joining with my link

I know this post sound like I’m ‘selling’ you the service, and to be honest, I am.

Because if you sign up for ShopBack using my link here:, I get an extra RM5 into my account.

Not only that, you too will get RM5 in your ShopBack account by doing so as well, so it’s a win for you and I!

Nonetheless, while I am trying to get you to sign through my ShopBack link, I am also genuinely keen to help you save as well.  A few savings here and there will always help bah.

I do hope you will save more like me, so all the best, and do read My Want and Wish List as well, if you plan to get me something for my up-coming birthday. ;P

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