How To Get A Raise


Today, I received an envelope which contained the document below:

Before I opened the envelope, a colleague of mine said “There’s no need to read the letter, it’s not that you’ll get an extra-ordinary pay raise anyway“… which is true as I saw the words “Diluluskan untuk kenaikan gaji biasa“.

For those whom don’t know what this means, it means that I get my annual increase in pay.  Sounds cool, huh?

But really, there’s nothing to shout about this pay raise because every Malaysian government servant gets it, as long as they are not under any disciplinary action.

Now, I was also told by somebody that in order to get the ‘extra-ordinary raise in pay, or any sort of promotion‘, you’d have to be REEeeaaAALLY good in talking, acting, making programmes, while at the same time doing a lot of kissing.

I wonder if there is any truth in those wise words 😛


  1. Yup, kissing is the easiest way. Some people worked like a bull for years but got promoted much much later than those who practise “KISS” – Kiss it Shiok Shiok! Hahahahaha

  2. aiseyman, this is so normal la bro. even in the corporate world, most things are done quick by kissing. and when it’s corporate servicing gomen, the kissing is even more intense.

  3. Knowing the right people, don’t make enemies, present yourself to the top management whenever possible is the way to go. A gem has to glow at the right place and time. Else, get a 4-4 for PTK to anjakan gaji. 😉

  4. Keeman, Carol:
    LOL!! Kissing is shiok! hahaha… Happens everywhere I guess.

    I think that’s why the romance in gomen sector is even more intimate 😛

    Get 4-4 sajalah.. wat to do. Other ways doesn’t seem to be kissless. 😛

  5. that is the weirdest thing about working with the government. irregardless of whether u’re working or not, u still get a pay-raise. show us some motivation prime minister!!!!

  6. In my old working place. If you get a raise even for RM20, we will be very very grateful because it shows that we are still needed in the company. But i guess it is a different scenario in the government sector. I should be getting a raise by next year right? hahaha

  7. “…while at the same time doing a lot of kissing.”… for a moment there, you lost me. hahaha… then i remembered what govt r well-known for… kiss ass … no offense.

  8. Cyril ~ you did not inform Willie that there is a good chance we will get static also 🙂 and Coffee girl……erm……from experience? hehehe…she can be my boss anytime so that….


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