How To Install WordPress On Your New Domain Using Fantastico on Cpanel

Installing WordPress using Fantastico is easy once you know how. I previously did this same post, but it got deleted accidental, hence this re-write. This re-write will be straight and simple though.

If you have just got your new domain, and you are wondering how to install the infamous WordPress, then here’s a simple step by step guide. Be sure however that you are hosted on Linux, and that you are using Cpanel as your server control panel. Check with your hosting company if you are unsure, but hosting companies like Data KL and Exabytes provide Linux hosting.

Anyway, when you have registered and paid for your new domain, you’d receive at least two emails which contain vital information on how to log into your server such as below:

The email which says “New Account Information” is important as it contains information about how to log into your server.  It will be labeled as ‘Cpanel Settings” such as below:

When you have found the information, simply click on the control panel link given, or type in http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/cpanel and you a login form will pop up.  Fill in your information required, and submit.  Alternatively, you will see something like below which serves the same.

Upon successful login, you will see the server control panel, or better known as the Cpanel Control panel which looks like below:

Now that you are already in the Cpanel control panel, next up is to install WordPress.  For this, look for the Fantastico icon on the lower side of the control panel tabs which is labeled Software/Services‘.  It looks like below:

One u click on the icon, you will be brought to the Fantastico installation wizard.  The wizard/software has many other scripts available, but we are here to install WordPress.  Therefore, click on WordPress as shown below:

Select ‘New Installation’ which will be shown on the right side as you can see below.

Next, fill in the information form.  You can leave the ‘Installation location‘ empty if this is your first time installing WordPress and only plan to install one domain/sub-domain.  However, you MUST fill in the ‘Admin access data‘ section but you can leave out the ‘Base Configuration‘ section.   This is due to the fact that the ‘Admin access data’ is un-editable and required, while the ‘Base configurationcan be edited later.

When you are done, click ‘Install WordPress’.  This will bring you to the final stage which will shows the something like the information below:

Click ‘Finish Installation‘ and there you go. You are done!! You have just installed WordPress on your domain using Fantastico!

Now, you just need to go back to your domain, and you will see the default WordPress theme ready for you.

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