How to remove stubborn tar from car body


In the video above, I share how to remove stubborn tar from the body of my car.

The tar, as I explained in the video, was due to me passing by a road that was being resurfaced, and a splash of tar ended up on my silver Nissan Navara NP300.

Obviously the mark/stain wasn’t pretty and I’ve been looking for a way to remove it.

Thanks to some search online, and eventually tries, I managed to remove it although I’ve not done the whole car as it’s a huge area.

I should also add that the method explained above works, but I do not know what will happen to the body of the car in a long run because the chemical I used may be corrosive to the paint of the car hence reducing its properties and damage the paint in a long run.

Nonetheless, the risk is something I’m willing to take, so if you are like me do watch the video for more details and a demonstration of what to do.

Where to buy spray to remove stubborn tar

The WD-40 spray is not exactly hard to find and is available in most hardware stores and supermarket.  However, if you want to get it online, the links below will help.



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