How to speed up your TM Unifi connection

You upgraded your internet to Unifi but you ain’t getting the speeds you are paying for?

Already tried calling TM, asked for their help, and even sent them speed test results to show as proof, but it all didn’t help because the speed test isn’t exactly that bad despite the real fact saying otherwise?

Well, I had the same problem, and I solved it.

You see, TM supplied every Unifi house with a free one year warranty router made by D-Link.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, this router limits your internet connection experience, somewhat resulting in internet speeds recording acceptable readings, but one experiencing poor internet surfing such as lags in videos and streaming, low download speeds, and so on.  These issues are annoying and wasteful, to say the least.

Complaining to TM will get you no where because they wouldn’t admit the modem they had supplied is the reason for your poor internet browsing experience, and you can’t exactly blame them as speed test would show you otherwise.


This is when I changed my router to the Asus N300 priced roughly around RM249, it had surprisingly improved my internet connection surfing experience. I actually asked tech expert LiewCF about this, and he shared his experience, prompting me to try it out.

Back to the Asus N300 Router. Installing the router was easy as it was a mere ‘plug and play’.  I initially thought I needed to reconfigure the router, but apparently, I just needed to plug the router into the current Unifi (D-Link) router supplied by TM, and it’s on!
Once connected, I did an internet browsing test with a friend to check out which connection loads Youtube faster and the results were quite impressive with the device connected to the Asus N300 router loading much faster. – I’d love to show you the comparison in a video, but I failed miserably at trying to record the outcome. Lighting lah, glare lah.. etc etc.. I’m such a wuss at videography.

Anyway, if you take my word for it, the Asus N300 router loads so much faster than the D-Link router provided by TM, and the connection is also more stable. I don’t know what’s the issue, but it does feel that way, yes, despite the fact that it still is plugged into the D-Link router provided by TM.

That said, if you are experiencing similar problem to what i used to have with TM’s Unifi, spend a few extra Ringgit by looking up the Asus N300 router on Lazada, and experience the difference yourself.  If you can wait for delivery, AliExpress also offers cheap Asus routers which are good to speed up your Unifi connection.

Uh… one more thing, if you didn’t get the same results like me, I will not be held responsible-lah.

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