HTC HD7: Office in Windows Phone 7


If you have yet to find the strength of the Window Phone 7 OS, then here it is: The Office Hub.

As the name suggest, the Office Hub is 100% connected to the Microsoft Office which is the most used office application in the world.  Now however, you have it in your phone which means, you can edit your work on the go.  No more carrying around those bulky laptops or netbooks around. All can be completed at a touch of a screen with Windows Phone 7 OS.

The WP7 Office, which is known also as the Office Mobile allows you to edit, create, share and modify office documents such as Words, Excel and Power Point. You also can integrate your notes using OneNote. To make it clear, here’s the full list of what you have in the Offcice Mobile:

Microsoft Word Mobile
Microsoft Excel Mobile
Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile
Microsoft OneNote Mobile
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile

Despite not having all the editing power features in the proper full version Microsoft Office, the Office Mobile is pretty awesome as it has most of the important figures including colour, highlight, bold, italic, underline etc. You can also cook up formulas if you are using the excel application. Check the photos below for details.

If you are always on the move and need to do last minute editings, this is definitely something you’d enjoy having on your phone.

I have yet to use it completely, but the whole idea of having the ability to use such applications to complete my last minute editing regardless of where I am, does bring me a peace of mind. Next up, the Power Point Editing feature on my HTC HD7.



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