I Don’t Want To Sleep

I woke up this morning, much earlier than expected.  Not exactly the plan of the day because I wanted to sleep until 9am, and prepare myself for a huge marathon.

The prize of the marathon is catchy.  It’s a good RM2500 grand prize, but there’s a big catch which is ‘Thy shall not sleep” for at least 24 hours.

Considering my colleague’s husband served me whiskey and beer during her Deepavali Open House, I was confident I would be sleeping soundly through the night and struggle to wake up.  But this wasn’t the case. Maybe it’s the excitement… but you all know, lack of sleep due to excitement is not good.  Especially when the contest itself is all about staying awake.

Well, anyway, if you are wondering what’s the contest I’m joining.. it’s the DiGi Movie Marathon (hashtag #DiGiMovie24), and as the name suggest… you are required to stay awake for 24 hours catching movies.

Sounds fun huh? Well, it really is.. except you are not allowed to text, tweet, sleep, cover your face, shout and many more ass rules which make the whole event rather rigid.

But then again, who would award you RM25oo for staying up the whole night watching a movie?

Yep, only DiGi.. the smartest choice.

Now DiGi, this sounds like a promotional post, and it would cost you RM2500 as payment 😛

11/6/2010, 9:20PM update :

Check the time in red above… and I’m already updating this post.  That means one thing. I was out of the marathon.  Its was due to being late according to the organizers though my watch showed I was on time.. Well, I didn’t want to fight and create a scene tough I must admit, I was disappointed as the organizers didn’t try to scync everyone’s watches.  Oh well.. got to watch 3 movies free and a goodie bag. Not everything is lost.  The Time Travelers Wife is an AWESOME movie…

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