I Had Fun Doing This!~ JoHaRa


Let’s face it.

Most probably, I ain’t gonna win that RM20K for the JoHaRa Era Contest I was talking about in my previous post.

Time constrain and problems having the right cameraman simply didn’t help. Tried my best, but yeah…. what matters is that I tried. No regrets there.

Anyway, one thing’s for sure, ‘Ang Mohs’ are more friendly when you seek to take a photo with them.  They didn’t question me much, but agreed with quite a pose!  Local were.. emmmm... but some were great to be honest!  The uncle in the photo below was like “Hey, lets do it, you want me ‘mancho’ without a shirt, or how?”  As you can see, he choose the ‘mancho’ pose.

While I was taking the photos for the competition, I decided to make a video.  The hope is that it would increase my chances, but then again, after looking at all the entries… I doubt it will.  Anyway, I purposely posted up the video at the very last minute as a surprise.

Well, I had fun at least, so do feast your eyes with the video I made.

Special thank’s goes to Rodz for being my videoman. Couldn’t have done it without you. Both videos below are similar.  I just uploaded it on a different site fearing YouTube would ‘mute’ my music for copyright infringements.

The Youtube video (in case they decide to remove the sound, you can also check Vimeo below)

The Vimeo video.

The whole video was taken using my worthy Samsung Galaxy S2. That’s done, so what do you think of the video?  Did it put a smile on your face?

Well, I smiled =P



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