08Feb09 UPDATE:
Finally managed to install YM on my newly formatted desktop. YAyyYYY!!  

When I thought that 2009 couldn’t get any worst (Thanks to your encouraging comments at my previous post)… I got the photo below to show off….

In exactly a month after I’ve turned 26, I’ve got a parking ticket to show off.

Don’t want to say much…but for you guys, I’ll say this “I should have just parked my car with the rest of the other cars, beside the road, and directly obstructing traffic.. because they all didn’t get summon, but yeah… I was considerate and parked my car somewhere where there was little traffic , and was not even obstructing traffic.. and I got summoned“.  Thanks for the DOUBLE STANDARDS PDRM!!!

I remember that David was telling me how the tiger was associated with “makan duit” in the Chinese belief.  Well, talk about hand on experience with the biggest tiger in Malaysia.

Now tell me again why I shouldn’t feel that 2009 is not a good year????


  1. parking kat yellow line (i think lar), during festival season, parking site memang always fullhouse,, i park kat tempat yang agak lengang n tak mengganggu lalu lintas. tapi, tetap kene saman sedangkan trafik yang sesak yang memerlukan mereka berada di sana, selesaikan masalah, diorang tak de… cilaka! RM300 tu!

  2. well guys, at least u r present physically kat tempat tu, tp i yg xx pernah pergi and at my opis kerja, suddenly i’ve got 1 surat cinta “SAMAN PDRM”! wah sakit hati betul. so, any sugesstion? today, i really hate PDRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!saman kat serdang, tp i kerja kat mersing, so macamna tu? diorang buta ke? 2 states yg clearly berbeza, tp i’ve got summon!!!!!!!!!! kat sapa nak mengadu ni…huhuhuhuhuhu

  3. i got fined at the kuching airport last nite. for “parking in contravention of a traffic sign” where to pay and how much>? ish benci betul la

    Pay it at Simpang 3. There is a traffic police head office behind Bgn Sultan Iskandar. If you don’t know where it is.. just drive past tHe Spring towards the flyover, but make a 90 degree turn at the first junction after the Spring.

  4. Dated a policeman before for like 3 years, so yah i basically know why they did it… ;P

    Ahhahaha.. really?? mind to share why?? I’m curious..

  5. Yeap, was at Senso that night. Haih. How unlucky, it’s very demoralizing actually. So many bad things happening lately. >.<

    Yeah.. I know what you mean. Was at Hilton too that night. Too bad didn’t bump into you

  6. ahaks! How unlucky. Maybe they saman u just to meet their KPI. Kesian…sabar je lah

    Ahh… got target also ka? They should be fair you know.. Memang sabar la now.

  7. hehe…i think most people face this annoying problem…as a tutor/normal human being i know it is very hard to please everybody ..you know…

    Yup.. that’s very right..

  8. Aiyo. If it’s wrong, then it’s wrong la. Don’t try finger pointing la harhar!!

    Not pointing fingers, just not happy that there is ‘double standards’

  9. Well… been there too. Banyak2 kereta kat yellow line belakang Parkson, kereta aku yg baru 2 minggu jak yg kena saman.

    PDRM always like that. Funny thing is, if your car cost above 100k, which shows you really have money to pay for summons.. they don’t get summons!

  10. Man, tell me about it. I got a parking ticket last night too, and all this while it was “alright” to park there. The funny thing is, just like you said, not everybody got the parking ticket.

    And you know what I just noticed? We got the parking ticket from the same guy. =.=

    Ahh.. you must be at Senso covering some event that night?? Right??

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