I Lost Thousands…


World Cup is at its climax, and everyone, down to those whom know nothing about football are mentioning the word ‘World Cup’ at least once in a day.  This World Cup is all about the underdogs, but I’m happy to see Holland go through the next round though. 🙂

Anyway, this post isn’t about the World Cup, but it’s what I fear I may be loosing very soon.  For the past few days, I have tried my very best to try every method, every possibility I know of, exhausting every skill I have… but it all seems futile.  My loss seems inevitable.  It’s just like when I lost thousands on MP3s I had in my collection, and now… a similar fate seems to be looming over my head.

The external hard disk I purchased a few months back, the 320GB Transcend Hard Disk seems to be corrupted, and it seems that I have no other option but reformat the whole hard disk, hence deleting countless photos, numerous series I’ve yet to watch, software I’ve yet to install and also important documents which I have just recently transferred to this external hard disk.

At the moment, I admit that I regretted buying this hard disk.  It looks really nice on the outside, while also claiming ‘anti-shock‘ features, but it’s really impossible to use without installing its ‘special software‘.  Without installing the software, I am unable to use the disk, but using it(the software) will only allow me to have one huge partition available to me.  Somehow, the manufacturer thought that this hard disk would only serve as a back-up for many and hence the ‘one touch back-up feature‘, but in my case… that wasn’t what I needed.

Everytime I plug in the hard disk, I’d get the notice ‘hard disk needs to be formatted in order to be used‘, and when I open the ‘special software’ which is suppose to help in accessing the hard disk, a command saying ‘The hard disk is manually write protected. Please remove the write protection to access the hard disk‘.

Well, if any of you have any solutions to solve this problem, do let me know.. because if I still fail to solve this problem by the 28th of June, it’s bye bye to all my documents, photos, movies, TV series, software and many more… 🙁


  1. Alamak, that’s sounds bad. I use the same external hardisk too but I didn’t install/use the software. I don’t know if it is the same software as yours. How about try to contact them through their website?

  2. So, it means you can’t open the external harddisk at all?
    It sounds more like a malware/virus attack rather than disk failure. The malware might be “autorun” everytime you try to accessed it.

    Does this affect other USB-based drives as well (e.g. pen drive)?

  3. Hehe…lots of people advice me to keep all my Bleach videos in an external hard disk. But i am stubborn, i still keep them in a CD coz i think CD will not be corrupted. Surely safe…hehehe

  4. External hard disk with partitions normally get problems with their partition structure. It is often advisable, to have a single partition once you get your hard disk and clean format it, don’t bother about the software or anything. Haha.

    As for the lifespan of CD/DVD, the actual lifespan depends on the types/quality. The normal lifespan is 20-50 years but again,it also depends on the frequency of the CD/DVD being used. The more frequent you use it, the shorter the lifespan.

  5. TimmyLicious:
    I can’t answer that question, but it does look so. Trouble some 🙁

    I tried without the software, but didn’t manage to use the disk because windows failed to detect the hard disk completely.

    Elisha & Willie:
    🙁 I used to burn, but when you keep it in CDs it takes up space, and someimes the CD can’t be read.

    It doesnt effect the other devices which u mentioned. Sometimes it gets disconnected and reconnected all of a sudden. Ahh. my photos!!

  6. I think the best possible solution is to consult the experts. I’m not sure whether the computer technicians in Wisma Saberkas are capable of resolving your issue but I heard once from my dad that he once had this kind of problem, pendrive, and there’s one technician successfully recovered back all the data – but too bad, the technician operates in Limbang.

    Hopefully there’s someone has this knowledge here.

    I’ve been thinking to transfer my data into DVD but I’m afraid that sometimes when you’re not on your best of luck, the DVD can’t be read. Maybe the only way to save all our digital data is to buy a dedicated server and stuff ’em in. Best part, you can access it from anywhere around the world.

  7. Too bad, I hope you solve it soon! I had similar experience but I bought a cheap one, a bad China brand so i guess I got what I paid for. Nowadays I just backup my stuffs on Mozy.com. When I signed up it was free, now I think you have to pay for it. 🙁


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