I won a DJI OM4 from Vivo!


Last week, I won a DJI OM4 from Vivo.

Yes. I snatched the RM599 gimbal to come in second place in a contest I didn’t even know existed.

I’ve always been invited to events and launches of smartphones, but I’ve never really won anything.

This time around, I decided I should just watch the launching of the new Vivo X60 series, and see what’s interesting.

There was a contest also happening

Turns out, there was also a contest happening during the launch, and I decided to participate.

There was five prizes offered, but the main prize was what I was hoping to grab.

The main prize was the Vivo X60 Pro and I thought it would had been amazing to win the smartphone just for the sake of having it as a review unit.

All I had to do was to share the post with some hashtags, like the live stream on Facebook and then leave a comment under the livestream with three different hashtags.

Joining the contest

I started doing all that was needed, and started typing out comments in the comment section of the video, with the required hashtags.

Winners were chosen randomly, but I believe there’s really no such thing as random, and my chances were zero to none.

This makes this post even more important because I hardly win stuff these days, especially with thousands of people joining in.

So after a while , Vivo decided to announce their first batch of winners, and my name wasn’t in the list.

Bummer. It was then when I realized I actually left out one of the ‘jobs’ required to be selected as a winner, and so I amended my entry, and did the whole thing again.

Winning the DJI OM4

After the event ended, the second place winner was announced, and surprise surprise, it was me!

You can see the congratulatory message below.

The congratulatory message from Vivo

I did feel a little bumped that I didn’t win the Vivo X60 Pro, but I still walked away with something, so that’s a huge plus too.

Anyway, Vivo has confirmed my win, and they say they will ship the winning prize in 30 days.

Can’t wait to test it out and do a review of it.

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