Ibu Pertiwiku Instrumental Piano version

Ibu Pertiwiku

I’ve always like the Sarawak national anthem, Ibu Pertiwiku.

Maybe it’s because I am Sarawakian (which makes me biased).

Unfortunately, the official versions out there sound really ‘old’ and dated, hence depriving the lovely anthem of it’s classic and perfect tunes.

Fortunately, I found an amazing piano cover of Ibu Pertiwiku played by Ahmad Kadri, which goes by the name Aveosis on Youtube.

He played a wonderful piano version of the song which was simply mesmerizing.

It was really one of the few covers that’s really beautiful to hear.

Since finding such versions is difficult, I decided to use his cover and create a video of the song which you can find below.  I also included the lyrics of the song so that you could sing along.

I hope you enjoyed the cover as I did.

Happy Sarawak Day!


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