ICATS Open Day 2009


Was given the opportunity to go to ICATS today.  As a matter of fact, I was told that I would be accompanying 32 students by bus to the open day at PPKS (Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak), and since Amiey wanted to see the Gundam showcase in ICATS (International College of Advance Technology Sarawak), I agreed to bring her after work, between 12- 2:30 pm.  I kind of managed to squeeze in her request because I actually had something to attend to at 2:30pm onwards.  Anyway, Amiey decided not to go at the very last minute after I said “I didn’t see any Gundam“… so, that’s that.

Laboratory Area

So the trip started at 9am from school.  The open day wasn’t that all great because I felt there was more that could be showed.  Basically, there was no proper guide on what is going on and where things are happening, so… if you are an outsider, you’d be clueless, and practically lost… Of course they did prepare some chauffeur, but it does depend on whether they’d noticed you or not.  I came with a bus loads with school uniform students, so I was bound to be noticed.


Upon arrival, we were brought to the auditorium, where we were given some kind of introductory talk.  Then, it was all about visiting time.  Frankly speaking, I was more excited to check out where Wellie‘s Gundam collection was so that I could bring Amiey in the afternoon, but after a few rounds around the laboratory section… I didn’t see any signs of a Gundam showcase.  This prompted me to ask directions to the whereabouts of the showcase, but my poor chauffeur confirmed that he knew nothing of the Gundam showcase during the Open day.  Texted Amiey after receiving that confirmation, but decided that I could come again after I got more info n the Gundam showcase from Willie.

To cut a long story short, the Open Day wasn’t that great.  There were a few lame stalls selling food, and a few other things happening here and there… but it was not so ‘buzzy‘.  I was told they had some competitions going on, but the exhibitions were kind of lame.  Maybe I had high expectations on this Open Day by ICATS… and high expectations do tend to disspoint.  Anyway, I clearly want to note that I went on the first day, and there is a very huge chance that things should pick up during the next few days.


So, if you have nothing good to do, and feel the need to check out something new.. why not try the ICATS Open Day 2009.  You might find it interesting…

And yes, I know.. this is like one of the lamest and most boring post I ever did… Its kind of like a fill up post.  Really don’t know what to write about nowadays, and I think I seriously need motivation to blog….

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