I’m A Sarawak Blogger


Like seriously, I’m a Sarawak Blogger. Oddly, when you put in the ‘s’ and it becomes Sarawak Bloggers, it does sound nice.. but when you take away the ‘s’… and it becomes Sarawak Blogger, it sounds so awkward.  Well, too late to change anyway… my pet project , Sarawak Bloggers seems to be moving smoothly with great help from Kee Man especially.

Tomorrow, I hope to print TWO SIX pieces of the following t-shirt for me and a few friends to use during the Rain-Fest.

(Design updated: 3July2010)

The “www.yoourdomain.com” will be replaced with “www.cyrildason.com”. Click to enlarge.

Ahh… just hope it’s not too expensive to only print two pieces 😛

The shop charge RM40 for two. With the extra 4, i think can get better price 😛


  1. I can’t make it to the RMWF this year. Not like I ever get to attend one anyway. Always broke in July, bayar insurance kereta. And this year pulak on the event date,I have to fly to KLI have to attend a pre-nuptual session for my wedding.. sigh..by the time I’m ready to attend one, i’ll be old enough.. such sad..

    But I do want to have this t-shirt. do you mind stating the price pls?

  2. I did tell you I couldnt come kan cyril?
    Sad. Im saving expenses for our Kuching trip in Dec.
    Tapi gatal lah dlm hati mau just click ‘buy’ airasia ticket. hahaha…one week to do the eleventh hour change-my-mind decision. or maybe not.

    enjoy nonetheless and do post lots of pictures post RWMF ok?

  3. Why not print more for all the Sarawak Bloggers that will attend for the RainFest gathering? Where are you gonna print it? I’m thinking of printing my own T-shirt too.

  4. Hei, u have designed a nice T! It is just my suggestion, to add the SWK bloggers logo/ website at the back of the T-shirt. It is to occupy the empty space besides promoting SWK bloggers to the fullest. Of course it should be a bit costly than the current design, I think u’ll get discounted if it is printed in bulk??

  5. Dee Loner:
    At the moment, the limited edition comes at RM40 and a few colours with your blog domain in front. The Standard edition comes cheaper, but only two colours and no domain name. You can check the Sarawak Bloggers Fan page (http://www.facebook.com/sarawakbloggers?v=photos#!/album.php?aid=184217&id=365333899554&ref=mf). Seriously, I feel like im launching a car with this ‘limited edition’ and ‘standard edition’.. hahaha

    Chegu Carol:
    Yea, i heard. Bummer. Well, its okay. Next year maybe 🙂 Tiket pun mahal ba. Last minit baru STB kasi diskaun sama org.. itupun sebab nda laku… Sa ada ba minta sama dorang kasi diskaun untuk bloggers, tapi yalah.. teda reply… Sa pun hampir nda terpergi kalau nda kerana dorang kasi kurang rega tiket. Itupun sa main buyuk, suruh student bli tiket 😛

    Well, I am, but since the time frame is short… I’m offering it as a limited edition and not many shops are willing to do it quickly at few pieces. Thats why I need those whom want to pay first and they’ll get the tshirt before the rain-fest. So far there’s 7 solid orders with payment. Last day is Monday.

    The new design is up (as u can see).. hehehe…

  6. Cool!! My order is already in those 6 right bro? but I’ll pay you this sunday hehehe, I’m tamak sikit here, I want two, one blue one black hehehe


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